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Aggregate fresh content for your website

Abebooks Podcast Station uses DailySplice to stream book content from around the world through their website. Using their Podcast Station, named “Shelfsound” users can get the latest updates from the likes of the New York Times, BBC Book Club, and Nancy Pearl. Since all of these podcasts are being created and published regularly by others, Shelfsound always has fresh, quality content without the need for anyone at the company to maintain it.

Play their book station now, or visit the website to see how it works.

Keep your community informed in real-time

Charleston Fire Station

Charleston Fire Department uses FieldCast to make live updates as they attend to incidents. The FieldCast system allows the firefighters to make media updates over the phone as they happen. This saves time by keeping their media contacts up-to-date all at once, as well as gives them more control over their news and puts them in touch directly with the community.

Play their Fire Updates now, or have a look at some other case studies of police and fire departments using If you are a Law Enforcement agency, visit our law enforcement website.

Host your own podcast

Law Enforcement 2.0

Mike Waraich uses DailySplice for his Law Enforcement 2.0 show which he hosts together with other experts in the field. Mike does interviews and conference calls with leaders in the world of social media as used in Law Enforcement. He does this using our FieldCast system, which allows him to record and publish conference calls with these experts from around the world.

Play his podcast now, or visit see how he posts his episodes in his blog, and in the blogs of his collaborators.

Get your existing content on to the web

CFUV Radio Station

CFUV Campus Radio uses DailySplice to podcast radio programs from a variety of shows. Each programmer has access to their own podcast, and can upload their shows themselves after they’ve been broadcast. Some of the programmers were already recording their shows as podcasts on their own, and SpliceGator made it easy for these programmers to plug their existing shows into the CFUV station where it could be accessed by a wider audience without the need for them to move all their episodes over to DailySplice.

Play their Podcast Station now, or have a look at how they’ve listed all their shows on the CFUV website

Create an online video archive showcasing your work

LBC Advertising Station

LBC uses a Podcast Station to showcase TV ads that they’ve done for clients. DailySplice makes it easy to upload videos and create an archive of media that can be stored online and accessed from anywhere. DailySplice encodes all the videos automatically so that they are widely compatible.

Play their TV Ad Archive now ads they’ve done for a variety of clients.