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Today we had an interview for you from one of podcasting’s veterin , Steve Sergent from the WildeBeat. The WildeBeat is an example of a podcast that has been fairly consistent and extremely well done in terms of production quality for years and years. Steve is very passionate about the wilderness and in delivering his message and mission to the world, and he has chosen podcasts the vehicle to do this. Stop by the website and find out about all the fun ways that you can get involved and help support Steve’s show and mission.

Here are some links to WildeBeat and other shows mentioned on the show:

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Podcast Guide Reviews 06.09

Hi, and thanks for checking out today’s podcast guide! On Mondays we review as many podcasts as we can in 5 minutes, so hopefully you’ll find one or two new shows to check out. This week we are going to try something new… to not record so many podcasts! We love doing shows every day, and we know you love listening, but we’ve decided to cut 2 of our days. We’ll still be releasing our popular interviews on Wednesday, and following up with a spotlight on Friday. Let us know what you think of the new plan! This week we’ve got an interview with History According to Bob, so be sure to check in again on Wednesday for that. Here are some links to the shows we talked about today:

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08-04-23 >> the DailySplice Podcast

At DailySplice we do 7 podcast reviews in 7 minutes every day! Today we’ve got a lot of interesting stories including a plane crash, balloon tree and NASCAR. Here are the links to all the podcasts we talked about today:

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