Podcast: Todd talks social media, online investigations

Canada-based podcasting service provider The Daily Splice recently started its own podcast: Law Enforcement 2.0, in which marketer Mike Waraich interviews individuals who are involved with encouraging police departments to “join the conversation” online.

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Social Media Round Table with Christa, Lauri, and Sgt. Tim Burrows

A round-table discussion between myself, Lauri Stevens, Christa M. Miller and Sgt. Tim Burrows from the Toronto Police Service. The theme of this episode is Twitter and specific uses the micro-blogging platform for police operations. Sgt. Burrows has lead the way for social media adoption by his department, and he talks about how he got started with social media and how department is taking a proactive role in the conversation. He also gives his insights and opinions on social media for law enforcement overall. Lauri talks about her time at the 140 Character Conference in LA and London where she hosted forums on Twitter for Law Enforcement, and we also cover the first anniversary of Christa’s blog Cops2point0.com.

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Introducing Mike Vallez

Introducing another podcast contributor and top name in world Law Enforcement 2.0: Mike Vallez. From the very beginning of my research into social media and law enforcement I have been coming across great articles and blog posts written by Mike. I was lucky enough to get in touch with him a few months back, and we have been going back and forth ever since. Mike is a retired Tampa City cop who has transitioned into a social media position with Altegrity. He blogs about Law Enforcement 2.0 on his website michaelvallez.com, and operates a popular iPhone app review site called crazymikesapps.com. He is a long time cop turned social media guy - perfect resource for Law Enforcement 2.0! In this episode we talk about social media technologies and trends, and Mike relates some of the issues back to his days as a Tampa City Police.

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Interview with Mike Alderson (From Open Eye Communications)

Time to get a perspective from the other side of the world! Mike Alderson joins me from the UK to discuss police communications and the rise of social media. He offers a unique prospective on area of Law Enforcement 2.0, as he compares the use of social media between UK agencies and their US counterparts, and offers his insights and opinion on the matter. Mike is the Director at Open Eye Communications, a company specializing in branding, marketing and customer relations for policing and public service agencies. Mike has experience in social media, training and holding workshops for police, and a background as a policeman with the Sussex Police in the UK.

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A Place to Learn and Discuss the Role of Social Media in Police: Law Enforcement 2.0

law enforcement 2.0

About a month ago I started a group on LinkedIn called Law Enforcement 2.0. This group was created to facilitate ideas and discussion on the topic of social media and its role the in law enforcement industry. The purpose of this blog post is not to promote my group for personal gains, but to further inform you on quality resources available for social media and police online. Law enforcement 2.0, in my opinion, just happens to be one of those resources.

The subject of Law Enforcement 2.0 is still in its infant stages and there are not too many great resources out there, except of course, some of the websites I have covered in my past blog posts. For this reason, I created Law Enforcement 2.0 - a place where thought-leaders, police officials, others in the industry could come and discuss all issues pertinent to policing and new social media, or just learn more about the subject. The results have been better than expected. The feedback and participation has been great, and the resulting discussions quite intriguing. Along with the uniqueness of this niche group, some of the success can be attributed to the business-oriented platform of LinkedIn and the professional caliber of those who have joined the group.

The group has attracted people from all facets of the social media and law enforcement sectors. Group members include industry thought leaders, social media experts, communications professionals, police officers, and other law enforcement officials. Any one discussion may include view points from each of these cohorts. The diversity of opinion and perspective is what has made the discussions so engaging.

Discussions so far have been very insightful and thought-provoking. From educational posts that give examples on “the best ways police/ emergency services use social media,” to current event updates like “September is national preparedness month,” to opinion pieces like “what do police want from social media?” – the group discussions create value for its members. One my recent discussion posts that I think will pick up momentum very soon is covers law enforcement 2.0 and the legal aspects behind it. Police must uphold a certain ethical and legal standard when sharing information with the media, and extending this into the social media conversation will no doubt make for some interesting discussions in the near future.

As the subject of social media and law enforcement continues to expand and gain prevalence this group will continue to grow as well. I look forward to watching the group grow and become a leading platform for all discussions pertaining to policing and web 2.0 technologies. I encourage anyone interested in the subject to join the group and contribute any feedback or ideas you think members will find valuable, or just check it out if you want to learn more.

Also, feel free to add me to LinkedIn or view the DailySplice profile.

Mike Vallez Launches DailySplice PodcastStation for “social media’s impact on Law Enforcement and National Security.”

Mike Vallez has launched his very own DailySplice PodcastStation for his social media blog called: “social media’s impact on Law Enforcement and National Security.” Vallez’s expert opinion is now available in an audio format that is easy to subscribe and listen to from any device with an internet connection. Although, Vallez has already been podcasting for about seven months and loving it, he has not come across something so user-friendly. Vallez likes the tools and features of a PodcastStation and believes he will put it to good use as the topic of social media within law enforcement inevitably becomes more popular.

Last week I blogged about Vallez, a knowledgable social media guy with a background in law enforcement. I became aware of Vallez’s blog while doing some research for our company’s most recent police education project. It was obvious Vallez knew what he was talking about and would be a great resource on the topic. We have referred to Vallez’s blog many times for current articles and relevant information, and now finally we are able to return the favour!

The inaugural podcast episode in Vallez’s new PodcastStation is about the Whole Foods Boycott. In this episode Vallez talks about the Whole Foods story, the intentions of his blog, and why he thinks “law enforcement is the perfect place to use social media.” Check it out, and as Vallez reminds us after each podcast episode, “stay in the conversation.”

Cops2.0.com – Bringing Together New Social Media and Public Safety.

It is saying nothing new when we mention social media is everywhere in our communities these days. Then how come those who serve and protect our communities – like police departments – are slow in implementing and keeping up with such technologies? There is no doubt about the communication efficiencies attached to new social media, and also the value of information sharing within the realm of Emergency Services. So where is the middle ground? What are the potential benefits? How can these potential benefits be realized?

I came across this interesting website about social media and public safety which answers these questions.

At cops2point0.com, you can read everything Law Enforcement - social media - oriented. It really merges the gap between Web 2.0 technologies and the Emergency Services industry. From valuable blogs, to industry news and articles, to relevant links, this website is rich in content and covers a wide array of issues regarding new social media and its application within Public Safety Services.

For example, the post “Big Brother vs. public safety,” under the “Critical Incidents” section, outlines the need for Police Authorities to monitor and stay on top of Twitter during events leading up to a protest, although it may seem like a form of Big Brother.

Check out the “Featured” page for interesting posts, “Critical Incidents” for thought provoking articles, or click a link under “Blogroll” to listen to a police podcast or keep up with the LAPD Blog.

This website is a really good example for how new social media is expanding into every facet of our communities. I look forward to keeping up with cops2poin0.com and discovering other pioneer sites as they develop.

The founders of the website include freelance writer and social media consultant, Christa M. Miller, and sworn Law Enforcement Officer, Scott D. White.


Being part of an internet startup, we’re keenly interested in the goings-on of new technology ventures. ReadWriteTalk has very informative one-on-one discussions with leaders from emerging web 2.0 companies. I make sure I listen to this one as soon as possible. Every discussion tweaks my perspective on the industry and sheds some light on many opportunities out there. If you love the web, this one is a must-hear.