Interview with the Crisis Blogger - Gerald Baron

Gerald Baron, or as many of you may know him, The Crisis Blogger, is one of the biggest names in crisis communication in the online world. I have been following his blog for a while and in the last month or so Gerald has been touching on some key issues regarding social media. I thought I would reach out to him for a podcast interview and he was kind enough to come in for a chat. We talk about his paper “Twitter and Government Communications,” and how although, Twitter may die off the underlying function of instant news sharing is monumental for emergency response agencies. Gerald emphasizes the importance of branding, public expectations, transparency and rumor management as a part of an overall information discipline process. He describes how his company PIER Systems (Public Information Emergency Response) manages information distribution to effectively administer proper response and communication during an event and meet public expectations.

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Podcast: Todd talks social media, online investigations

Canada-based podcasting service provider The Daily Splice recently started its own podcast: Law Enforcement 2.0, in which marketer Mike Waraich interviews individuals who are involved with encouraging police departments to “join the conversation” online.

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Social Media Round Table with Christa, Lauri, and Sgt. Tim Burrows

A round-table discussion between myself, Lauri Stevens, Christa M. Miller and Sgt. Tim Burrows from the Toronto Police Service. The theme of this episode is Twitter and specific uses the micro-blogging platform for police operations. Sgt. Burrows has lead the way for social media adoption by his department, and he talks about how he got started with social media and how department is taking a proactive role in the conversation. He also gives his insights and opinions on social media for law enforcement overall. Lauri talks about her time at the 140 Character Conference in LA and London where she hosted forums on Twitter for Law Enforcement, and we also cover the first anniversary of Christa’s blog

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Cops 2.0: One year later

What I’ve found is, however, you folks are doing a great job of “consulting” from the inside, all by yourselves. You’re taking what you read here and at ConnectedCOPS, at Police Blog 2.0 and the Crime Map and, and putting it in front of chiefs and captains and public information officers.

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Introducing Mike Vallez

Introducing another podcast contributor and top name in world Law Enforcement 2.0: Mike Vallez. From the very beginning of my research into social media and law enforcement I have been coming across great articles and blog posts written by Mike. I was lucky enough to get in touch with him a few months back, and we have been going back and forth ever since. Mike is a retired Tampa City cop who has transitioned into a social media position with Altegrity. He blogs about Law Enforcement 2.0 on his website, and operates a popular iPhone app review site called He is a long time cop turned social media guy - perfect resource for Law Enforcement 2.0! In this episode we talk about social media technologies and trends, and Mike relates some of the issues back to his days as a Tampa City Police.

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Interview with Mike Alderson (From Open Eye Communications)

Time to get a perspective from the other side of the world! Mike Alderson joins me from the UK to discuss police communications and the rise of social media. He offers a unique prospective on area of Law Enforcement 2.0, as he compares the use of social media between UK agencies and their US counterparts, and offers his insights and opinion on the matter. Mike is the Director at Open Eye Communications, a company specializing in branding, marketing and customer relations for policing and public service agencies. Mike has experience in social media, training and holding workshops for police, and a background as a policeman with the Sussex Police in the UK.

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Discussion With Greg Friese

A discussion about social media and emergency communications for first responders with social media consultant and emergency services professional, Greg Friese. Greg is the co-founder of, and founder of He has also as a background as a paramedic, and provides training tools for others in the industry. We talk about how police can get up and running with social media, where to begin and the best practices to maintain an effective social media presence.

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New Law Enforcement 2.0 Podcast

Mike Waraich, manager of the Law Enforcement 2.0 LinkedIn group, has recently started a new podcast focused on the use of social media and web 2.0 technology in law enforcement. The penetration of web 2.0 tools and social media in law enforcement extends from community policing and outreach to recruitment, management, communication, and more. And use of these technologies in law enforcement is growing rapidly across the country.

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DailySplice Launches Law Enforcement 2.0 Podcast – “Social Media @Large.”

Victoria, BC, (Oct. 23 2009) - DailySplice, creator of the Podcast Station and specializing in online communications for law enforcement, has launched a new podcast titled “Social Media @Large.” The Podcast Station itself is branded for DailySplice and called “The Law Enforcement 2.0 Podcast.”

The podcast will delve into the world of new social media and its role in law enforcement. This subject is very new to the web 2.0 conversation, and DailySplice is one of few companies covering it in depth, let alone doing a podcast about it.

“Many police departments have become active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but most still are very fresh to the idea and looking to learn more,” said CEO Rian Bowden.

Bowden hopes the podcast can become a one-stop hub for all discussion related to social media and law enforcement.

The podcast has been created by DailySplice Marketing Coordinator, Mike Waraich, who has been researching social media’s role in law enforcement for some time, and blogging about it and discussing it in groups and forums.

“I created a group on LinkedIn also called Law Enforcement 2.0, and started to really pick up some popularity,” says Waraich. “Once I realized the growth and popularity of the group and recognized our need to start podcasting the Social Media @Large podcast was a no-brainer.”

Waraich will not solely contribute to the podcast, however. The podcast will be open for others in the niche field of web 2.0 and law enforcement as well.

“I am opening this up to some of the industry’s top thought-leaders,” says Waraich. “Bringing in opinions and perspective from others in the industry will bring about greater value for listeners; much like it did for readers in the LinkedIn group.”

So far, the podcast has 3 episodes – an inaugural episode, a discussion episode featuring Christa M Miller from and Lauri Stevens from, and An interview with Chief Dan Alexander from the Boca Raton Police Department. Waraich intends to release at least one weekly episode. Contributors will add episodes as they please.

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Discussion with Lauri Stevens and Christa M. Miller

I sit down with Lauri Stevens and Christa M. Miller and talk a little Law Enforcement 2.0, as well as give them a chance to introduce themselves, explain what they do, and how they got involved in law enforcement 2.0. A big thanks to Lauri and Christa for agreeing to be contributors to the podcast, although it didn’t take much convincing as they seemed to be quite excited about the idea. In addition to introducing both Lauri and Christa, we delve into a few issues in Law Enforcement 2.0 – including government agency use of social media (FBI use it, CIA have invested in monitoring it, Marines have banned it), and  we also discuss law enforcement use of social media for investigative purposes and the potential legal and ethical issues behind it.

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