Podcast Guide Reviews 05.26 (re-run!)

Welcome to yet another week of podcasting from DailySplice! This week we’re going to be taking a look at those podcasts that aim to answer the question: How? We’ll be doing an interview with the One Minute How-To Podcast on Tuesday, followed by a spotlight on the show on Wednesday, and talking about 3 more how? podcasts on Thursday. But first, here’s our quite 5 minutes of reviews for this week:

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Get it Done Guy

The more I listen to this podcast, the more I like it. I’m not a huge fan of the “Quick and Dirty Tips” podcasts, but for some reason this one appeals to me. The Get it Done Guy truly does give quick and dirty tips about business, using technology, or just being more productive in daily life. His tips range from manipulating bosses to sending effective email messages. I find myself using the tips without thinking about them, and then remembering where I learned it. It’s a really good podcast, highly recommended.

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How? Podcasts

This week on the Podcast Guide we are focusing on those podcasts that attempt to answer the age old question: “How?” Earlier this week we talked about the One Minute How-To, and had a great interview with the host, George. Today we are talking about some other fantastic podcasts of this genre. Be sure to check them all out and add them to your favorites on DailySplice. If this the kind of stuff you’re into, you could even create a “How?” splice and get them all delivered together every day! Leave a comment here if you know of more podcasts like this. Enjoy!

Today we talked about:

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