It is saying nothing new when we mention social media is everywhere in our communities these days. Then how come those who serve and protect our communities – like police departments – are slow in implementing and keeping up with such technologies? There is no doubt about the communication efficiencies attached to new social media, and also the value of information sharing within the realm of Emergency Services. So where is the middle ground? What are the potential benefits? How can these potential benefits be realized?

I came across this interesting website about social media and public safety which answers these questions.

At, you can read everything Law Enforcement - social media - oriented. It really merges the gap between Web 2.0 technologies and the Emergency Services industry. From valuable blogs, to industry news and articles, to relevant links, this website is rich in content and covers a wide array of issues regarding new social media and its application within Public Safety Services.

For example, the post “Big Brother vs. public safety,” under the “Critical Incidents” section, outlines the need for Police Authorities to monitor and stay on top of Twitter during events leading up to a protest, although it may seem like a form of Big Brother.

Check out the “Featured” page for interesting posts, “Critical Incidents” for thought provoking articles, or click a link under “Blogroll” to listen to a police podcast or keep up with the LAPD Blog.

This website is a really good example for how new social media is expanding into every facet of our communities. I look forward to keeping up with and discovering other pioneer sites as they develop.

The founders of the website include freelance writer and social media consultant, Christa M. Miller, and sworn Law Enforcement Officer, Scott D. White.