New York Times Book Review

New York Times Book Reviews

One of the client companies that work with us has mentioned that this podcast is absolutly amazing, but points out that they don’t advertise their amazingness… Instead of going by the title “New York Times Book Reviews” they just go by “Book Reviews”. This was probably some SEO minded idea, but it makes it really hard to recongize that this is one of the best book podcasts you’ll ever find. There is stuff in this podcast that comes out before it actually comes out in the regular popular publication. So here’s a direct link for those book lovers out there.
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IndieFeed Performance Poetry


I was at the fringe festival in Victoria and I couldn’t help but think about this podcast as I sit there in my fold-out chair in a black-painted room decorated with masquing tape remants listening to gals and guys pour their hearts out war, sex, greed, and all those other uplifting topics that are covered so well at finge festivals and the like. If you like fringe, you will love this podcast. Enjoy!

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Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

This is one of the podcasts that has been in my list forever. I remember one of the first episodes featured this kid named Marc Zuckerburg who no one had ever really heard of. He had this thing called Facebook, who no one outside of a few universities in the States knew much about, and was talking about this new phenonimon called Social Networking. The podcast is called Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders for a reason. If you’re into this kind of stuff, subscribe and watch the future unfold before anyone else.

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IndieFeed Electronica

Last week I revealed that once upon a time I was a filmmaker (or at least I wanted to be)… this week I’ll tell you that in yet another life I was a raver. Those who know me now would refuse to beleive, but alas, it is true. Although these days I tap my fingers on the keyboard all day, they are still often times tapping along to the tunes of IndieFeed Electronica. If you can related, I do suggest subscribing to this podcast… even if it’s just for 3 minutes per day you can still release your inner raver through rythmic finger moments against cold springy plastic buttons.

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Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul

It’s a little known fact these days, but I used to be big into the indy filmmaking thing. I used to make little films every summer, and even almost took it pro at one point when I dropped 10 grand on film school. If only I had this podcast back then, I’d probably rubbing sholders with Steven Spielberg himself by now. This podcast is the indy filmmakers dream come true… but it’s not just the podcast but the thriving community they have over in the forum. If you dream in storyboards, this is your podcast.

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PRI’s the World - Geo Quiz

Geo QuizIf you really like traveling or are crazy about geography, this will be one of the most fun podcasts you’ve ever subscribed to. It starts off with some little hints about a place they are talking about, then they get into more detail, and then tell you where it is and wrap it up with even more little special details. The places are usually pretty out there, but not so far out that you wont get the answer from time to time… and if you are indeed into travel then you might find you get the answer more often then not. The details are great, and I think the thing I like most is the little wrap up. Sometimes they have amazing little interviews that get right to the heart of some little issue that surrounds that area that you probably would only ever know if you had been there or lived there. And they wrap all this into about 2 minutes, it’s amazing!

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Get it Done Guy

The more I listen to this podcast, the more I like it. I’m not a huge fan of the “Quick and Dirty Tips” podcasts, but for some reason this one appeals to me. The Get it Done Guy truly does give quick and dirty tips about business, using technology, or just being more productive in daily life. His tips range from manipulating bosses to sending effective email messages. I find myself using the tips without thinking about them, and then remembering where I learned it. It’s a really good podcast, highly recommended.

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If there was one language I wanted to learn it would be Japanese. If there was another, it would be Spanish. =) Since Praxis Language doesn’t do a Japanese podcast (yet) Spanish would be the podcast I’d acutally end up studying if I had the time. Why? Because Praxis Language provides the best language learning tools in the world, bar none. I’d much rather take my second choice for prefered language than settle for anything other than Praxis Language as my prefered learning tool. Fortunatly, for a lot of you, Spanish is probably the preferred language of study too… so for you this is a slam dunk! Give this a try, you will be impressed. Not only by the podcasts, but by the online learning tools and the probably to an even greater extent, the massive online community they’ve got going. We’ve got an interview coming up with one of the stars from Praxis, but in the mean time, give this podcast a listen!

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One Minute Tip

Hello. The One Minute Tip is a fun podcast I’ve been listening to a lot these days. They do all sorts of neat little tips, and they are not always (or even frequently) conventional tips. You might, for example, get a hint on how to charge your iPhone on the fly when you’re expecting an important call… and it may involve going into a department store and nonchalantly making use of display gadgets. Anyway, check it out. It’s short and regular which is what I like best.

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Well, I’m a typical geek. I like my computers and gadgets and I like to make things. While I typically like to put things together with duct tape and chunks of metal, here’s a podcast for those of you who also like to put things together with a more delicate touch. Craftcast is “the craft podcast”. Alison is a fun host and she’s also a self proclaimed “geek”, but with a softer touch. We’ll be chatting with here in a few weeks on the podcast guide, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, give her show a listen!

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