Provide professional, easy-to-use video & audio solutions to your clients and EARN PROFITS!

Your clients know that providing online video and audio will increase brand engagement. DailySplice’s Podcast Stations offer an easy way to leverages this medium, drive traffic, and increase online engagment.

Your clients can either publish their own content, or you can build them a station that will deliver regular, high quality, relevant audio and video content to their website automatically.

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Upon approval, you’ll be sent a coupon code which you can use to get our product at a wholesale price of 50% off. You can either charge your client according to our regular prices, or add value and support and set your own prices.

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Easy to set up, manages itself

A Podcast Station takes only minutes to set up, customize, and install on your client’s website. After it’s set up, the Podcast Station manages itself. Your client can easily upload their own content from their computer, or even call in audio updates from their phone!

White-label - customize and repurpose

A Podcast Station can be re-skinned in seconds so that it fits your clients brand. You can also add your own code to create banner advertisements, search bars, or anything else that your clients want their customers to interact with while using their Podcast Station.

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