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With a Podcast Station you can:

  • Deliver regular messages your loyal audience
  • Use voice and video - the next best thing to shaking their hand in person
  • Access everyone simultaniously through email, social media, and your website
  • Look professional without spending a fortune
  • Do it all yourself with no technical skills or maintaince required

Inform the Public with a Single Phone Call

Our Fieldcast system allows you call a secure voicemail system, record a message, and have it instantly delivered to your website and subscribers.


Archive News on your Website

All your audio and video content can be accesssed anytime in a professional looking media archive on your website.


Leverage Email and Social Media

When you publish content, it doesn’t just show up on your website… it automatically gets posted to your social media pages, in iTunes, and even gets emailed to your loyal subscribers.


Aggregate Informative Audio and Video Content

You can add other podcast feeds to your media libary so people can browse relevent news from other sources, such as large media networks or your peers and collegues in the public sector.

Saanich Police Podcasts

Police Department - Saanich Police

With only about 30% of their press releases getting picked up by any local media, the Saanich Police were looking for new ways to get important information out to their municipality and the 384,000 residents in areas surrounding Victoria BC. They now have over 100 podcasts being accessed not only by their citizens, but around the world.

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