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Learn More about Podcasting and DailySplice

What is Podcasting All About?

Podcasting is the most powerful way of broadcasting audio or video files over the Internet. What makes podcasts different than sites like YouTube is that new updates get delivered directly to people’s computers, iPods, and other devices where they can be consumed on-demand without the user having to be online.

Podcasts have become an Internet standard, like email, that is not controlled by any private company or 3rd party community. Anyone can become a podcaster, and anyone can become a podcast consumer without signing up with an account on a 3rd party website. Tens of millions of Internet users now use podcasts heavily, and more and more PR professionals are discovering the power and flexibility of podcasting as part of a complete modern media strategy.

Why use Podcasts instead of other free audio and video services?

Podcasts belong to you and can be accessed by anyone without 3rd party distractions

Ownership - podcasts belong to you and are accessed through your website, not a 3rd party website belonging to a private company

Uninterrupted Web Activity - podcasts keep users focused on your content so they are not distracted by pop-up ads or links to other people’s content on other websites

Accessibility - anyone can browse, play, subscribe, and download podcasts without having to become a user on a social media website or join a community

Why use DailySplice to Podcast?

DailySplice provides a complete, easy to use, and professional podcast strategy

No Tech Headaches - DailySplice is a complete, out-of-the-box podcast system that’s run off our servers so there’s no need to worry about things like bandwidth, RSS updating, or server reliability

Professional Branding - your Podcast Station has its own look and feel that can be modified at anytime to fit with your brand or your sponsors’ brand

We Support What We Sell - we know podcasting better than most anyone in the world, and we’re here to support your podcast objectives and our tools

What Features are Included with DailySplice?

Branded SplicePlayer - The SplicePlayer allows visitors of your website to view all your podcast content in a customized media center that integrates with your existing website. Think of this as creating your own online radio or television station. One of the biggest benefits of the player is the fact that you don’t have to direct users to a third party (like YouTube) where users can be distracted by unrelated content.

Leaderboard Control - In your SplicePlayer there is a space that allows you to further customize your player by inserting dynamic content. This could be used to display banners with timely messages and images, messages from a sponsor, or even be programmed to be interactive.

FieldCast - The FieldCast system allows authorized personnel to create audio podcasts by simply leaving a voicemail. FieldCast is perfect for quick on-scene distribution of information (for media, citizens, other stakeholders, etc.) without the need for a computer or an Internet connection.

SpliceManager - SpliceManager is an easy-to-use tool that makes audio and video podcast content available to the Internet. It takes the hassle out of creating syndication (RSS) feeds and complex XML documents by doing all the work ;for you. Simply log into the SpliceManager and upload your file, the SpliceManager does all the rest – including updating Apple iTunes and all your subscribers with your latest podcast.

Bandwidth and Storage - DailySplice provides unlimited bandwidth and storage on fast, reliable media servers so that you don’t have to worry about how much content you’re uploading and how many people might download it.

Multiple Podcast Feeds - You can organize your podcasts into multiple categories. Each category becomes its own podcast that can be subscribed to as an independent feed, or played together with the others in your Podcast Station.

Multiple Users - You may have multiple users who have their own unique passwords and access to only certain podcasts or areas of SpliceManager.

Analytics - Generate a report of all the activities that have happened in your player, including how many people visited your Podcast Station, what they played, what podcasts they skipped, and even what they liked and didn’t like!

DailySplice Subdomain - Get a dedicated subdomain on where all your podcasts, episodes, tags, and RSS feeds can be browsed by users and search engines.

SpliceSupport - If you have any trouble with your station or just using it, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’ll work quickly to help solve your problem or help you learn how to get what you need done. We’re also constantly working on new features and improvements, so let us know if there’s something you need and we may even be able to build it for you.

Instant Free Upgrades - When we update DailySplice with new versions or features, you get those right away without having to download or install anything.

SpliceGator - DailySplice has a large directory of podcasts from around the internet. If you find a podcast that you think would be relevant for your users, you can add it into your Podcast Station so that your users can find new updates from that podcast instantly in your Podcast Station on your website!

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