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For Adding Content:

SpliceGator - DailySplice has a large directory of podcasts from around the internet. You can add them to your Podcast Station with the click of a button. If you find a podcast that’s not in our directory, you can add it quickly with just the click of a button. Adding different podcasts to your station is a great way to make your station and website more interesting for without having to produce your own content.

FieldCast - The FieldCast system allows authorized personnel to create audio podcasts by simply leaving a voicemail. FieldCast is perfect for quick on-scene distribution of information (for media, citizens, other stakeholders, etc.) without the need for a computer or an Internet connection.

SpliceManager - SpliceManager is an easy-to-use tool that makes audio and video podcast content available to the Internet. It takes the hassle out of creating syndication (RSS) feeds and complex XML documents by doing all the work for you. Simply log into the SpliceManager and upload your file, the SpliceManager does all the rest – including updating Apple iTunes and all your subscribers with your latest podcast.

For Branding:

Splice Player - Your Podcast Station comes complete with a media player and browser that you can customize with your own images and logos.

Leaderboard Ad Space - In your Splice Player there is a space that allows you to further customize your player by inserting dynamic content. This can be used to display banners with timely messages and images, messages from a sponsor, or you can program it with HTML to make it interactive.

For Building Audiences

DailySplice SEO domains - Get a dedicated Search Engine Optimized subdomain on a DailySplice.com (eg. mypodcast.dailysplice.com) where all your podcasts, episodes, tags, and RSS feeds will be easily found and indexed by search engines.

DailySplice RSS - DailySplice builds and maintains RSS feeds that are optimized for easy integration into popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as in common applications like iTunes and Outlook.

For Organization:

Multiple Podcast Feeds - You can organize your podcasts into multiple categories. Each category becomes its own podcast that can be subscribed to as an independent feed, or played together with the others in your Podcast Station.

Multiple Contributors - You may have multiple users who have their own unique passwords and access to only certain podcasts or areas of SpliceManager.

For Support and Technical Needs:

Bandwidth and Storage - DailySplice provides unlimited bandwidth and storage on fast, reliable media servers so that you don’t have to worry surprise bandwidth costs when you’re thinking about how much content you’re uploading and how many people might download it.

Analytics - Generate a report of all the activities that have happened in your player, including how many people visited your Podcast Station, what they played, what podcasts they skipped, and even what they liked and didn’t like!

Splice Support - If you have any trouble with your station, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’ll work quickly to help solve your problem or teach you how to make the station work for you. We’re also constantly working on new features and improvements, so let us know if there’s something you like to see in your station - let us know!

Instant Free Upgrades - When we update DailySplice with new versions or features, you get those right away without having to download or install anything.