Frequently asked questions about podcasting and DailySplice

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About Podcasts

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are a series of audio or video broadcasts that are distributed over the internet. They use a technology called RSS, which makes it easy to “subscribe” to a podcast so you can learn about new episodes as soon as they are published.

Do I need an iPod or iTunes to use podcasts?

No. A lot of people use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts, but podcasts are used all over the internet and on many different kinds of mobile devices besides iPods. DailySplice includes a player that can be used in any web browser so no additional software is needed.

About the Station

What is a Podcast station?

A podcast station is our end-to-end system that lets anyone manage their multimedia online. The station serves as a viral multimedia portal for your site’s visitors. The look and feel of the station can be customized to create a unique, branded experience for viewers.

What is a Channel?

A channel is a category of content within a station. E.g. “Latest Updates” or “Environmental News”. Technically, a channel is a podcast with several unique features included. For instance, a channel can be synchronized with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Updates to your channel can be sent out to subscribers in real time over Email.

Can a channel have multiple publishers?

Yes. When you’ve created a channel, you may give permission to other DailySplice accounts to edit your channel and/or publish content to your channel.

How much bandwidth / storage do channels use?

Audio podcast episodes will usually take up about 1 megabytes every 3 minutes. That means if you made a 30 minute podcast episode it will take up 10 megabytes of storage. It will also use up 10 megabytes of bandwidth every time someone downloads it. For video, multiply everything by at least 3-5 times, or even more if you are encoding very high quality video.

How can people subscribe to my station?

When playing your station, users have the option to subscribe to the station’s RSS feed in whichever program they wish. Subscribing in iTunes or directly within a web browser are common ways. Users can also subscribe to your station by signing up for automated updates over Email. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, you can connect those to your station to have any updates posted there automatically.

How do I add my station or channel to iTunes?

If you want to submit the channel to the iTunes podcast directory, see the instructions here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/whatson/podcasts/specs.html.
If you just want to subscribe to the channel in iTunes, open iTunes, click “Advanced” then “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste your channel or station RSS feed into the provided field.

About Fieldcast

What is Fieldcast?

Fieldcast is a phone-in recording service that records a message and converts it to an audio file that can be accessed online. It can be used by a single person, like a voicemail, or can be used in a 3-way call to record entire conversations. Fieldcast can be accessed toll-free by any phone.

How do I access Fieldcast?

After logging in to DailySplice, click “Add Episode” on the channel you wish to add content to. Simply follow the directions under “Record and publish using my phone.”

How quickly do new episodes from Fieldcast get uploaded into my station?

New content will be available between 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of the recording. It is also possible to save a Fieldcast recording and publish it later.