the fna show: Episodes

<p><span>celebrating purposeful creation by whatever means necessary.</span></p>
<p>tangling within itself. trudging through itself. wondering besides itself.</p>
<p>devai is searching for something among the bramble and the doubt in episode two of the short, short story series.</p>
<p>after over two years, fna returns! in cooperation with the efforts of eamonn during his journey to a million words, fna will be periodically releasing short, short stories and other bits of written wonderfulness as new orchestrated podcasts.</p>
<p>the first such release is fna_37_the dusk and the doorway.</p>
0:54 mins
<p>Dear Parke, isn't fudge wonderful in Gatlinburg? &nbsp;</p>
16:54 mins
fna35_the walk is a story i constructed. the show has been on a break for quite some time and almost died. it is going to be going in a different direction instead. more will be revealed.
fna34_the inital....for your ears.&nbsp; no talkie.<br />
fna33_the carols consists of 1)it came upon a midnight clear.&nbsp; 2) deck the halls.&nbsp; 3)god rest ye merry gentlemen.&nbsp; 4) silent night.&nbsp; 5)what child is this.&nbsp; 6)carol of the bells.<br />
fna32_the venture successfully enabled the crucifixion of complacency.&nbsp; more is being revealed.&nbsp; more will be revealed.<br />
12:28 mins
fna31_the nexus is a november offering of jumbled nuances.&nbsp; returning
by request and popular demand is the douchiest person of the show
award.&nbsp; as always, thank you for listening and i hope you enjoy your
space and time here.&nbsp; more is being revealed.&nbsp; more will be
revealed.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ...
fna30_the island (pt.2) continues in the murky footsteps of fna29_the void.....a musical and at times noisy observation of things as they appear.....i would like to run a marathon.....this has no relevance to the show, but i'm fairly certain a very small handful of people(if any) actually read these ...
fna29_the void (pt.1) is the first iteration in a two part segment of examination......that is all......there is no good news here.<br type="_moz" />
fna28_the insensate was written in part after viewing the film Revolver.....actually, i suppose that it was all written after viewing the movie, however, a large part of it came into being immediately afterward the movie ended.....as always, fna is an experiment in sound and idea-an environment for my ...
fna27_the transmission is fna's summer '08 return to the podcasting multiverse......parts two and three are the culmination of a texting war of words between eamonn and parke cottrell.....all audio was created by eamonn via the new 2008 fna lair production center in jackson, ms--hell's pressure cooker.<br />
15:37 mins
fna26_the stories embodies the first fna show in several weeks....patience is pure and appreciated....fna 26 is a collection of seven short capsule-sized stories from foxes to trees to hunger to sparrows....this is also the first show recorded with ProTools, the latest fna investment....more will be ...
fna25_the desensitized examines .......desensitization......an interesting subject to me and a phenomenon worth noting.....more will hopefully be revealed......enjoy your spiraling. <br />
15:12 mins
fna24_the fear.....discussions surrounding fear.....go figure, right?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; .....thanks for listening.....fnashow@gmail.com.....by the way, 3rd generation 'douche cards' are now in.....see me to get some.....more is being revealed.....more will be revealed.....<br />
14:14 mins
fna23_the chisel....consisting of five parts....1)introduction....2)douchiest people of the show award....3)some thoughts....4)some more ideas....5)rambling on....all sound, noise, music, words, ect. are created, written, performed, edited, and produced by eamonn....special thanks to ye ol' frederic ...
fna22_the shepherds is the first show of the second year of fna.&nbsp; as such, a special message from the powers that be is read.<br />RIP bill hicks<br />more will be revealed.<br />more is being revealed.<br />happy fucking new year.<br />
fna21_the visceral...<br />thinking...<br />making...<br />spiraling...<br />more is being revealed...<br />more will be revealed...<br />fnashow@gmail.com<br />
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