Shane and Tom's Squeezebox: Episodes

<p>After a long hiatus we are back! Hope you all are well. Today we talk about bugs, dads, toenails, and various other wonderful things.</p>
<p>Christmas Time Audio Fun!</p>
<p>Just listen to the damn show for the topics, it's way better when it comes from our word holes.</p>
<p>Topics Include: Tom talks about the weird things that happen at the bar and Shane talks about something funny that happened to him.</p>
<p>Topics Include: The Misters, Mini-Successes (Little Victories), A bag of disease, A pipe full of dead squirells.</p>
<p>We're Back, We talk about Tim Hornets, Bad Shirts, Childhood Drawings, Porn. We also need your suggestions on good 2 minute clips of our show. WORDPLAY: Bees and Coffee Shops</p>
<p>Hi everyone!! Take a listen, but we need your help. We are animating part of an episode, hopefully doing a whole show. But need you (our fan) to help us decide which 2 minute clip we should use....anything but hopefully something with good visuals and a mixture of Tom and I talking. Leave a comment ...
<p>This is a very unique setting for our show, almost naked, wet and laughing....Tom tells a horrible manstitute story.</p>
<p>Holy Crap, I cannot believe we hit 200! This is a fun one, We record our show while helping Tom move stuff. And there is a small Shane treat at the end. We talk about all the favourites, poop, bums, blowup dolls, books....., peeing in cups, you know? the usual. Enjoy friends and thanks for sticking ...
<p>We're Back!, Baptist Invasion, Coming up on 7 years, Gay Prostitute, etc., Testosterone Update: Beaucoup de hair</p>
<p>Shane losing his mind after meet Jonsi from Sigur Ros on his front lawn.</p>
<p>Topics Include: I think we just talked about Shane....Tom may have said something. Oh, and sorry about the A/C fan sound.</p>
<p>Listen! There may be something funny to hear.</p>
<p>Topics Include: Acronyming Everything,Sandwich Board Pants, A Dumb Internet Game, Shane's Shrinking Balls, How We Wipe. WORDPLAY.</p>
<p>I'm totally not putting the topics here... let's just say bunnys are involved.</p>
<p>Topics Include: Webers Inn, Who are we talking to? Guy framing the world, Going to PAB! Dad's dead.</p>
<p>Hey, here are a couple of the photos we mentioned in the show and the audio of the shitty neighbours downstairs.</p>
<p>Hey friends, Tom and I thought we'd give you the best gift ever and record a show this year! Mabye we'll do one next year, lole. Be warned that we think you are awesome and thought you'd like an hour plus show, voila, in all its lengthly goodness.</p>
<p>Topics: Once you go old..., Canoe-Marry Me, Podcastinoma, Hindlicker-Smegma, Animated Series WORDPLAY: Christmas and Poo, NEW TOPICS. Muppets and Porn.</p>
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