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Mike will be discussing the events that led up to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the writing of the most influential political document ever written: The U.S. Constitution.
Mike starts a new series of 30-45 min. podcasts that discuss the essential principles that make up the foundations of a free republic as believed by our Founders. In this episode Mike discusses the importance of a strong national defense, why that defense is important, and what our Founders believed ...
Mike talks chick flicks, the State of the Union speech, top news stories, and more on this edition of People's Law Radio!
Mike covers some of this weeks hot topics in the news and adds his own brand of unique commentary, chock full of nuggets of truth, fresh perspective, and humorous, sarcastic observations. Don't miss this hour1
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On this edition of "People's Law Radio" Mike will be discussing the right to own property. Owning property was an important influential principle for those who founded America and inspired the people to officially declare Independence. Call in and join the discussion!
This episode of "People's Law Radio" is a continuation of the previous episode from 1/15/10 about the right to own firearms. In this edition, Mike will give you information about what you as an individual can do to preserve your Second Amendment right.
60:00 mins
This episode of "People's Law" will be a discussion about our Second Amendment right to own a firearm and the attempts made by the Liberal left to strip people of this important right. Mike will also be discussing the importance of God in government and the reason why Progressives want God removed from ...
This episode of People's Law Radio discusses the Founding Fathers belief that the only way to be a successful people was to be a virtuous and moral people. This has serious implications for the current state of America and is a serious call for self reflection and moral reform.

America needs more teachers ...
Discussion on the principles of our Founders and how they used these principles to build America. The first principle is that of Natural Law and the source of our unalienable rights as human beings.
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