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We are joined this month by Harlow Unger as we dicuss his new book “American Tempest: How the Boston Tea Party Sparked a Revolution”. The boston tea party is not what you thought, nor is the Revolution. As always Harlow brings a story of intrigue and glimpses some unknown and forgotten pieces ...
t’s the First Easter, Bunny; a book written and performed by Craig Anderson.
Ever wondered were the Easter Bunny got his start? Better yet, how does the story keep Christ as the main focus? It’s the first Easter, Bunny has the answer. A story for all ages, meant to be shared.
to learn more ...
This week on OHP’s Saturday edition:
My friend, historian and award winning author Bruce Gamble joins us to talk about the Top Marine Ace “Gregory “Pappy” Boyington” and the famous Black Sheep Squadron. Pappy Boyington is a legend, his antics and persona was heightened in ...
Give Me Tomorrow : The Epic Story of a Legendary Marine Unit in Korea
An epic story of valor and sacrifice by a legendary Marine company in the Korean War brought to gripping, cinematic light by an acclaimed historian.
“What would you want if you could have any wish?” asked the photojournalist, looking ...
Gary W. Moore was never confused with real Buddy Holly fans. Gary was not a fan of rock music or what he believed it represented in our culture. He was familiar with Buddy’s name and thought he was dead, but he couldn’t name a single song Buddy had written or performed. In a single evening [...]
Harlow Unger is back with us this week as we explore a portrait of Patrick Henry. One of the most profound and non-talked about Founding Father we had. His ideals and philosophies are as relevant today as it was then. This is an interview you just have to listen to. The cry of freedom still [...]
Donna McAleer’s book “Porcelain on Steel” is a inspirational, encouraging and uplifting book that will resinate with every female in your life. Porcelain on Steel has had great reviews by some very well know figures I am including just one but if you want to read more about what people ...
This week we had the honor and privilege to have on the show General Livingston. He along with Co-Authors Colin D. Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis bring us the firsthand accounts of the battle of Dia Do. This book is a Memory, Testament and Memorial to those that served, participated and those who did not come [...]
You heard him on the Relic Roundup talking about the artifacts and the history now hear him as we discuss his new book; the second book in the Richard Cutler Series; with all the vivid details, historic figures, family and battles.
Bill is the first guest ever on OHP that is on to talk about [...]
This historic travel presentation of OHP has been requested for a long time now. Every time we bring up The White Oak Civil War Museum on the Relic Roundup it is always: “You got to go!”, “It’s unbelievable!”, or a number of other comments but always ending with an exclamation mark. Our guest is [...]
Tim Wiesberg - Come for the Ghost, Stay for the History
Host of Spooky Southcoast and now Author Tim Wiesberg joins us to talk old sites, places, legends and stories of New England. You can find Tim on WBSM 1420 every Saturday Night 10-Midnight at http://www.spookysouthcoast.com (I am usually in the ...
Folks today we head to the Spooky Side of History. We go in search of the Southern myth and legend of the “Bell Witch” with Author and Historian Pat Fitzhugh. This is one of the most documented haunts in American History, and for good reason. It will not only send some chills down your spin [...]
Tammy Poore - Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains
The Southern Mountain region is rich with haunted legends and superstitions and it is our pleasure to mix a little bit of history and a little bit of legend. These stories have been passed down for generations and Tammy ...
If you missed any part of the interviews or updates of the MWSA Conference you can find them here “OHPRadio on air“.
I thought his was such a good story and Tom literally had everyone from TV, Radio and Magazines chasing after him all week. Tom’s is one of the many interviews we hosted ...
We are busy working for you!

For the next couple of weeks we will be working on several project including some grant writing and research, as well as preparing for the Military Writers of America Conference to be held in Pittsburg at the end of the month.  During this time we do not want to let [...]
This week we are joined by Arthur Wiknik to discuss his biographical account of his tour in Vietnam in 1969-1970 through his newly released book “NAM SENSE”. His story is more than a War Diary it is a personal account and one that resonated with the common soldier in the field. You can visit his [...]
Richard S. Lowry - “New Dawn”
My guest this week is award wining author Richard S. Lowry. We discuss his new book entitled “New Dawn”, The battles for Fallujah. We not only talk about the historical significance of this campaign, but bring out the stories of the men and women ...
Last year we ran our 4th of July show on the Declaration of Independence which is still in our archives. This year we will focus on another historical document or additional document rather “The Bill of Rights”. It’s short and to the point, and something everyone should hear.
Chapter 5 - The Life and Travels of John Ledyard by Jared Sparks
This week we pick up John’s story at Hawaii, just before Captain Cooks death and it ends with his return to England. There is a huge contrast to their first arrival in Hawaii and their second. I will reserve personal comments on this [...]
Author and Historian Thomas J. Craughwell join’s us to talk about the 28 Toughest Presidential Decisions of all time. We explore 2 of these in detail the Whisky Rebellion and America propelled in to World War 1. I really enjoyed talking to Tom and we could have spent a lot more time talking history and [...]
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