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Well, it’s been five years and I’ve told and/or shared several hundred stories in our community. However, because I’m beginning new stories with Fahari Arts Institute, a multi-discipline arts organization, and well as my column on Examiner.com, I’ve decided to end the podcasts and blog on this ...
“Point of No Return” Jean Luc-Ponty “Malmequer” Guida De Palma “The Root” John Pattitucci “Emerge” Daniel Kelly “Somehow” Geoffrey Williams “Sun Lovers” Jake Hertzog “Modern Man” Roby Duke “High Pockets and a Fanny ...
“Skylark” – Sandra Kaye “Miled Ahead” – Miles Daves & Gil Evans “Truth And Beauty” – Sam Yahel Trio “Watch What Happens” – Lena Horne & Gabor Szazo “Constelacuo” – Guida De Palma “Boxer Rebellion” ...
“Spring Forward” – Bill Banfield Band “Undun” – Kurt Elling “Bingo Wings” – If Destroyed Still True “Who What Why Where When – Betty Carter “Slip-n-Stride” - Ehud Asherie Giving Up” – Donny Hathaway “Rock ...
Interview with K. Dapree a.k.a. Kevin Anderson about the HeART & Soul collective in Houston, Texas, supporting artists in all their disciplines and all their truth. HeART & Soul comes to Dallas on 4/17/10. Mark your calendars. Also, words from Amiri Baraka speaking at UC Berkley on jazz-America’s ...
“Lefty’s Alone” – Drop Trio
“Bright Blue Skye Eyes” – Skip Heller Trio
“Sensitive Man” – Tru Sol
“Decisive Steps” – Tia Fuller
“Seven Bucks” – Elizabeth Shephard
“Lagos Blues” – Antonio Ciacca
“Visions ...
“Down by the Riverside” – Joseph Edwards
“Crossing Streets” – Evan Marien
“Trans Europe Express” – Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson
“That Girl” – Esthero
“It Hurts Me Hurting You” – Intervision 5
“Shaker ...
So, it was a gorgeous and noisy day outside of Buli coffeehouse in the Oak Lawn area and Tuan and I went from talking about the Silence Equals Consent tour which is what brings him to town this weekend, to our pity for the blind rage of some Ugandan citizens against gays, plus anger at [...]

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“Don’t Call Me Wally” – Orrin Evans
“High” – Elizabeth Shepherd
“Who Is It?” – Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra
“The Chant” – Fareed Haque
“Another Brick in The Wall” – Montana Skies
“Alone Together ...
“Big Shake Up” – Dave O’Higgins
“Sense of Humor” – Bembe Seque
“Estrella Del Mar” – Adonis Rose
“Dona Maria” – Rufus Reid
“InA Place” – Ramudah
“Syntheology” – Lewis McCallum
“Modest ...
Today’s show features an interview with Generativity Records artist, Sandra Kaye. Since 1986, Sandra has thrilled audiences around the world and she shares with me how her music career got off the ground via a now defunct cabaret show in Dallas’ West End. The interview was recorded in her ...
Marlon Riggs, “one the top Black filmmakers…changing the conversation on HIV and AIDS”.
Use the courtesy resource to keep informed – this site’s community calendar.
My overall thoughts on Creating Change conference.
Creating Change hashtag on Twitter: #cc10.
Words from author/speaker, ...
“I Love Being Here with You” – Mary Stallings
“Bail Out” – Terje Lie
“Dona Maria” – Rufus Reid
“Lazy Afternoon” – Paul Myers Quartet featuring Frank Wess W/Andy Bey
“Simply Natural” – Carla Cook
“Wallflower ...
I’ve written on this blog and other places that one of my favorite experiences after accepting myself as a gay man was taking part in a inter-generational discussion of black gay men every other Saturday in Houston called The Men’s Gathering. Today, I’m speaking with one of the architects ...
“Never The Same” – Charles Langley
“Making Love” – Erik Rico
“Coat Of Many Colors” – James Vincent
“Crossing Streets” – Evan Marien
“A Night in Tunisa” – Quintessence Saxophone Quintet
“Ponta De Ariea” ...
Sade continues to be an artist who blends melancholy and longing into a intoxicating musical cocktail. Her latest work, Solider of Love, will give hardcore fans reason to rejoice in that the formula still works.
Beginning with the passionate, “The Moon and The Sky”, the mood is set for ...
Take of the premise of a early 80’s vocal superstar making her come back to America and the music spotlight and you have Lone Star, the new recording by Jomama Jones. Jomama Jones is the creation of artist/playwright, Daniel Alexander Jones, who with music director, Bobby Halverson, have crafted ...
“When the Saints Go Marching in” – Louis Armstrong
“Long Live New Orleans” – Godfathers of Groove
“Reaching One” – Wendy and Lisa
“Come Running to Me” – Herbie Hancock
“Estrella Del Mar” – Adonis Rose
“Grownup ...
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Izit
“Lagos Blues” – Antonio Ciacca
“New York Vibe” – Sean Nowell
“The Villain” – Birds & Batteries
“Wallflower Blues” – Somi
“I Got Your Back” – Rick Braun
“Summerheat” ...
This week, I discuss past and present activism within the Dallas LGBT and African-American communities with Alpha Thomas. A long-time activist, mother, and breast cancer survivor, Alpha recalls her cross-coalition work towards HIV awareness and gay adoptions, as well as discussing her intent to re-start ...
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