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The first month of Expo is over today, and we look back at some interesting attendance figures and trends asking the question will Expo reach it's 70 million visitor goal? We also review and update our tips and tricks for visiting Expo in light of the first month's attendance patterns.
Vietnam and Nepal are two of the better pavilions with shorter waiting lines and times. Both offer a more tranquil, Buddhist influenced experiences, along with the ubiquitous retail offerings. We also take a peek into the Laotian pavilion.
We continue on through the Asian pavilions visiting Iran's with it's large carpet sales area; enter cool, blue Uzbekistan; are stopped by a dramatic Korean drum concert at the base of their pavilion; and finish with a stroll through Burma / Myanmar.
News accounts are encouraging Expo visitors to frequent pavilions with shorter lines and name several in the Asian area on the northern fringes of the Pudong side. We take up the challenge and brave the North Korean pavilion, along with the Maldives, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Bangladesh. ...
We spotlight a way to gain fast track entrance to the German pavilion and avoid the 1000+ person line and hours waiting. Attendance figures for Expo and the pavilions are out and they confirm many of our first impressions and provide some interesting challenges for the planned attendance of 70 million visitors.
We visit and review four pavilions; SINOPEC the Chinese oil giant, Coca Cola, the USA pavilion and the Austrian Pavilion. We also attend a musical and entertainment extravaganza at the Expo Cultural Center.
We join Urso Chappell and John MacGreggor of Worlds Fair Podcast and review the grand opening celebrations as well as Expo's opening day May 1.
Traffic is stopped and the guest gathered for a record setting evening of fireworks and entertainment as Shanghai Expo 2010 officially opens.
Shanghai has begun to restrict river and auto traffic in anticipation of tomorrows Expo grand opening celebrations - we explore. New bus tours and a Suzhou creek cruise are now offered and we discuss their pluses and minuses.
Find photos and videos at <a href="http://expo.giverny.com" target="_blank">Expo.Giverny.Com</a> that we will regularly update. This Friday, April 30 we will be podcasting from the opening ceremonies and celebrations for Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
The dress rehearsal ends today, and after two visits to Expo during the last week, we share a dozen of our observations and suggestions. These include where, when and how to enter Expo, as well as plans for your departure. What to expect in terms of crowds and lines, as well as ideas on what to visit ...
Expo provides numerous places to eat and small buses to ease the long walks that we test ride. We tour the pavilions of Africa and the Americas by bus. We visit the Communications and Shipping Pavilions on the Puxi side of the river.
Expo is divided into zones, which we describe. We visit Zone A with many Asian countries and tour the Saudi Pavilion. We describe several other Asian pavilions receiving their finishing touches and discuss how to plan your visit to country pavilions.
We take the plunge and visit the China Pavilion on the second day Shanghai Expo 2010. This pavilion is already the most popular with long waiting lines forming even during these trial days. We discuss how well the waiting lines are organized, provide a detailed sampling and review of the video entertainment, ...
The second day Shanghai Expo 2010 is open on a limited basis to test systems and procedures, and we get access and spend a full day visiting several pavilions and touring the entire site. On this first podcast we describe our experiences entering Expo via the Dongchang Road Water Gate, thereby avoiding ...
The Expo soft opening takes place today and we watch the very first ferry depart carrying the first Expo visitors. We also note that we will be among the first to visit Expo tomorrow, and offer some important info on discounts available with your Expo ticket.
At Expo.Giverny.com we provide a seven and a half minute report from China TV's visit to the General Motors pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010. The reporter experiences the cooling mist designed to cool visitors this summer, enters the pavilion cinema and views the video presentation [short clips ...
Impressions and observations from the press opening of a Shanghai Expo 2010 Pavilion last night - fotos at Expo.Giverny.com. We discuss how to pre register for Expo pavilions you plan to visit and newly announced restrictions on daily attendance and items permitted visitors.
With so many markets to choose from we discuss three potential markets for your visit to Shanghai, and the impact Expo 2010 is having on local retail. We also suggest a new web site specializing in Shanghai area bus tours.
We critique the new Shanghai Bund and discuss the pluses and minuses. Only 25 days until Expo and we find more signs of the imminent opening.
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