U in the Ring: Episodes

Interview with Helen Marzolf, director of Open Space Gallery, about the Gallery and upcoming events.

Interview with Kim Juniper from NEPTUNE Canada about their research.

Interview with Robert Cohen from CBC about the upcoming special, "Canada's Smartest Person."

Interviwe with Lisa Tansey ...
Interview with Will Weigler, a professor in the Theatre department at the University of Victoria, about his new research.

Interview with Kristy Farkas about the UVic School of Music and upcoming events.

Interview with James Burrough about UVic's 50th Anniversary.
Interview with April McNeil and Sohad Kadhum about the upcoming Pathways to Success 2012.

Interview with Joanne Hounsell from Saltwater Productions about the upcoming production, "Mummers Masque."

Interview with Janet Munsil about Intrepid Theatre.

Interview with Daniel Kingsley from Mindil ...
Interview with Henri Lock about the UVic Labyrinth in the Interfaith Chapel.

Interview with Matt and Liz from the Marble Review.

Interview with Barry Till, curator for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's exhibit, "The Enduring Arts of China."

Interview with Kirsten Van Ritzen about her ...
Interview with Patrick McDonald, director of the production "Jitters" at the Belfry Theatre.

Interview with Donovan Aikman about the Victoria Film Festival Film Can.

Interview with Audrey Burke about the Ministry of Casual Living.

Interview with Dave Shumka from CBC Radio 3 about the 2011 ...
Interview with Wanda Martin about an upcoming talk at UVic, "Critical Engagement from a Health Equity Perspective" featuring Dr. John Raeburn.

Interview with Dr. Elena Pnevmonidou and student director Molly Noonan about "Woyzeck - The Choreography of a Murder" coming to the Phoenix ...
Interview with Ben Isitt and Paul Brown about the upcoming Municipal Elections.

Interview with John Barton about the Malahat Review and the upcoming workshop titled "Best Foot Forward," sponsered by CFUV for the Malahat Review.

Interview with Judy Treloar, director of the Beauty Queen of ...
Live interview with Howie Siegel and Erik Holmgren, part of the cast of Glengarry Glen Ross happening at the Metro Theatre in Victoria.

Interview with Alex Herd about the Memory Project.

Interview with Tally Heilke about the Iconocraft DIY Craft Event happening at the Victoria Event Centre.

Interviews ...
A U in the Ring special broadcast featuring the Malahat Review.
Features on Theatre around Victoria with interviews from Kirsten Van Ritzen about Sin City: The Live Improvised Soap Opera, Matthew Payne about Theatre SKAM's "Cariboo Buckaroo," and Pat Rundall about "Nevermore."
Interview about the I-Witness Holocaust Field School program with professor ...
William Carroll, professor of Sociology at UVic, discusses the Occupy Victoria movement.

Clayton Jevne, director of Love Kills currently showing at the Phoenix Theatre at UVic, talks about the play and his troupe, Theatre Inconnu.

Ian Case, founder of Giggling Iguana Productions, talks about his ...
Dr.Janni Aragon: UVic Political Science Proffessor and former Women's Studies teacher talks about the Dec. 3 Vigil for the National Day of Rememberance and Action for Violence Against Women
Jennifer Gee: From the Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI) talking about UVic student's, staff and faculties ...
Jaraad Marani: UVSS Director at Large - Discussion of the recent motion passed at the November 29th board meeting to refuse sales of Maclean's Magazine from SUBText the Student Unions Used Bookstore un less they recieve an apology by Dec. 31, 2010.
Nimmi Takkar: Chairperson of British Columbia Canadian ...
Jaraad Marani: Director at Large on the UVSS Board of Directors: Drafting the First Anti-Sexualized Violence Policy for the UVSS
Saje Fitzgerald: Organizer of "Congo Rising" a fundraiser for women in the DRC who are survivors of Sexualized Violence that is used as a war tool. The War is directly ...
Today's Show:
Gabrielle Sutherland: UVic Pride Board of Directors Representative; Pride Referendum
Dylan Sherlock: UVSS Director at Large; UVSS Referendum and Finances
Don Kissinger: Victoria Chamber Orchestra
Charles Ross: The One Man Star wars and Lord of The Rings Trilogy Starting November 3 at the Metro Theatre, presented by Intrepid Theatre 7:30pm

Dirk Slot: UVic Chemistry student talking about the Upcoming United Way Fundraiser "That Chemistry Show" a Chemistry Magic Show November 3 & ...
On today's show:
Vici Neilson from the UVic Library talking about the "Human Library" on Oct. 27-28th from 10-4pm
Ingrid Hanson and Ryan Love from the performance 'CHALK' happening now at the Williams Head Correctional Facility
Rose Henry a UVic community member and City Hall By-Election candidate ...
On today's show:

- Kade Hardy Agueh from the African Eloquent Pageant on October 23rd, 2010
- James Coccola and Tara Paterson from the UVSS talking about the recent AGM which voted to direct the board to not acknowledge Fraternities and Sororities by the UVSS.
- Andy Bichlbaum from the Yes Men! came ...
This show includes:
-Brent Palmer and Terry: Mustard Seed donation drive, "Food Fight @ UVic" (www.mustardseed.ca)
-Alicia Lawrence and Margaret Tuhumwire: Women Constitutional Equality
-Jaraad Marani: UVSS Director at Large; Transit Campagin "Passed Up: WTF?!"
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