tranquility du jour: Episodes

<p>the mindfulness diaries</p>
<p>tranquility du jour #316: save the kales</p>
<p>picking your yoga practice</p>
<p>building your business the right-brain way</p>
<p>procrastination to creative genius</p>
<p>thrifting, making things + more</p>
<p>writing, veganism + more</p>
<p>stylish secrets learned while living in paris</p>
<p>e-learning + creating an e-course</p>
<p>the economy of you</p>
<p>yoga + creativity</p>
<p>what most successful people do at work</p>
<p>ayurveda, yoga + writing</p>
<p>joy of perfume</p>
<p>choosing raw</p>
<p>philanthropy with lauren brownstein</p>
<p>recorded live in washington, dc 12/4/13 - for pictures go to blog.kimberlywilson.com or the TDJ YouTube channel</p>
<p>photography 101</p>
<p>recorded live on Tranquility Tour in Richmond, VA on 11/15/2013.</p>
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