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Cycle Style
German photographer Horst Friedrichs has released a book with his portraits of people and their bikes. However, these aren’t just ordinary bikes. They’re meant as fashion accessories, reflecting the personality of the owner.

One-Piece Jumpsuits from Norway
Three Norwegian friends have come up with a pyjama-like outfit for adults that's been turning heads around the world. Appropriately enough, they call their creation Onepiece. In addition to comfort-conscious shoppers, a number of celebrities have been also spotted wearing the apparel.

White Water Thrill
The Lee Valley White Water Centre was the first London 2012 venue open to the public ahead of the Olympics, and it’s already been pulling in the crowds. Just 40 minutes from the centre of London, it’s reputed to be the best white water centre in the world. One of the attractions is the 160 meter-long Legacy Loop, a perfect place for beginners to taste the thrill.

House of Culture and Cuisine
After extensive renovations, a former Jewish girls’ school in Berlin is opening to the public as a space for art and cuisine. Former classrooms and corridors serve as gallery space for one of Germany’s leading art dealers Gerd Harry Lybke, while the makers of the city’s celebrity hot spot, the Grille Royale restaurant, serve up regional and seasonal German cuisine.

Flautist Emmanuel Pahud
The musician’s latest album features compositions by Frederick the Great and Johann Sebastian Bach. Swiss musician Pahud is one of the world’s top flautists and lives in Berlin.
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