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So we come back just to wrap things up. We talk about the finale and some movies. Not sure what will happen in the future. Maybe we’ll see you next season. Have a good summer.
We talk about Sayid and we name the bounty hunter. Ted seems to think fake sugars are hallucinogens. Be wary of 120 dollar drinks as they have repercussions. That should be it, we are all caught up with episodes. Sorry for the delay in shows.
We talk about the episode and Sawyers new bottom. Also Ted gives us the lowdown on the Lost video game for the xbox. We also fall back on the age old question of who’s gotten laid the most on the show.
So this is really late. This is from a few weeks ago but I finally got around to editing the show. The audio is a little bad because I recorded this while in Texas away from my gear. There are two more episodes that will be released tomorrow and the next day in order to [...]
Sorry for the late posting. We recorded this last Thursday a day after lost but because of traveling schedules I could not get it out until now. We talk about the pulp fiction references this season a bit. Rollie and I are again a little upset about how this season is progressing, and Ted is [...]
The gang makes it back to the island. Hurley brings a guitar case full of guns. Ben takes out penny. Jack’s grandpa has the worst agent ever. Below is a link to Sayid’s police escort in a scene from Rome. Link to video (NSFW)
We talk about Ben’s Samuel L. Jackson Moment in the van. Jin’s hat size may have increased. Rousseau went psycho and we chat a bit about Tootie, Punky Brooster and Fat Albert.
We talk about how everyone on the island is doing blow. How James wishes that Sun would kill everyone. Ted hates LA and Rollie just hates. Oh and we threaten to cancel our own show, what are your thoughts?
Desmond time travels, Rollie is tired of the show. Ted thinks Rupert Albert is RA, however Rollie thinks he’s Steve Jobs. We talk about tennis players a little too much and James could wait till 2010 to watch another Lost episode.
We’re back! We must admit that we are not all that enthusiastic about the return of Lost, well Ted might be but Me and Rollie aren’t. We talk about the season premiere along with a few things we noticed. We discuss the whole time travel thing and how it might be a bad move. We [...]
While your waiting for Lost to come back to the air take a look at our new side project. James and Rollie chime in on some TV shows and talk about nonsense. Ted also makes an appearance. Subscribe: RSS | iTunes
We talk about the finally a little. e-mail in 92 and the donkey wheel. Sorry for the long wait but its been busy. We’ll try to get out a show from time to time through out the summer.
The island may move through time instead of space. The oceanic settlement must have been huge. Summer films come up as well as Motor City Comic Con, costume girls and porn stars.
The Island is moving but James said that from the beginning. There is a strange Austrian basement thing going on in the cabin. Apparently people just don’t die and Kate has some Bugs Bunny teeth.
Strange paintings in the background. The smoke monster goes a few rounds with some interesting people. Ted sees dead people and Rollie sees nothing at all apparently.
Ben pulls a Borne Identity. Time travel ideas. The prince and the pauper theory. Hot chicks in punk bands and rocket launchers on an island. How do you pronounce Houston?
Sorry for the long delay but life got in the way. We talk about the last episode. We totally called out Tom being gay long ago. Show starts back up next week and Edward Furlong looks like a lesbian.
Sun’s baby is looking a light for our tastes. The cell phone was the give away in the Jin story line. That was the most expensive panda ever. Oh and we talk a bit about different cities, the theater and expensive BJ’s. Here is the opening to the episode and you can tell the guy [...]
Juliet and her therapist don’t seem to be getting along. Ben may have started the fertility problems to get Juliet there. Goodwin was sleeping on the couch for some reason. We have a guest dog on for the mail bag and Rollie talks about oily nuts. Primer – Awesome movie about time travel. ...
Desmond pulls a Back to the Future with Doc Brown. Something is messing with time around the island. Ted is convinced Desmond is going to die right before Penny finds him. And Rollie goes on the defensive.
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