World 1 Stage 1: Episodes

In which Jack leads our heroes on an expedition eastwards to discuss dating sims, visual novels and otome games and their influence on western gaming. The Treacle People: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The​_Treacle_People The XBox 180: http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/update School Days: http://schooldays.us/ ...
In which our heroes return! Returning for the first time in 2013 our heroes are podcasting once more. Now live, uncensored and unedited. You have been warned. Notes: http://j.mp/10uHbIC – Microsoft reps talking to Nintendo event attendees.
In which our heroes discus the ways and means for getting those computer people to do what you want them to. Including, but not limited to, IGN’s Top 10 Worst Controllers. The legendary R-360 cabinet and Battletech VR pods, outside and in.
In which our heroes wage a turtle war by land and by sea across Rome, Japan, Europe and the Americas. Besieged castles and common sense fall.
In which our heroes gather together in their entirety for the boldest, bravest, perhaps foolhardiest episode of World 1 Stage 1 in history. Spanning the atlantic and stretching the limits of technology a record-breakingly large cast gather to take on the dangerously broad and sensitive topic ‘gender ...
Episode One – Another World, in which our heroes discuss the 1991 French classic ‘Another World’, spending most of the show agreeing that the game is hard. (This is a re-run show to cover a period of brief hiatus here at W1S1 HQ. We’ll be back with new material as soon as life allows.)
In which our heroes open a box to discover not one, not two, not four but three of the finest games ever made. I think this one’s going to make people happy. A lot of people. A lot of happy.
In which our heroes embark on a voyage of discovery to the 41st Millenium, in which there is only war.
In which our heroes, all of our heroes, embark on an epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away a long, long time ago. Apologies for the sound quality, technical issues arose and this is what was salvaged form the wreckage. In light of the content, I decided it was better to put it out <a href="http://www.simplysyndicated.com/w1s1_37/">Read ...
In which our heroes take a fond, rambling look back over the year, remembering their favourite games and realising how many they completely overlooked.
In which our intrepid heroes tackle the 2001 god game &#8216;Black and White&#8217; from Lionhead Studios, with listener mail, a brief segue into F1 and an update from Hyrul.
In which our heroes, lead by Troy, fondly recall one of the greatest N64 games of all time not to mention one of the leading causes of inter-friend violence in the 1990s, Goldeneye. Of course nothing will stop them taking a little time out to discuss The Legend of Zedla some more and, seeing as <a href="http://www.simplysyndicated.com/w1s1_34/">Read ...
Episode 33 in which our heroes cow tow to popular demand, quite willingly if we&#8217;re honest about it, and bring you Zedla! Many of you asked for a Zelda episode, but this will have to do. (Apologies for the occasionally poor sound quality. Apparently we have cabling issues.)
In which our heroes ramble on about the repurcussions of modern technology, mostly as it applies to gaming, because the forum gave us an excuse to. This was a conversation that happened organically, for which we were lucky to have microphones available.
In which our heroes, being a different lineup of heroes to that listeners will be used to, go back a decade to the launch of the XBox and look at the game that made the platform. Halo.
We&#8217;re back, leaner and meaner but minus a Jack this week. We make up for his loss by bringing you a whole stable of games, one of the greatest stables of all time, Star Trek. 25th Anniversary, Final Unit, Klingon Honor Guard, Birth of the Federation, Armada, Starfleet Command, Elite Force and even ...
You&#8217;d think, given the title, that this is the show in which our heroes delve into the topic that is Star Wars: Dark Forces and its&#8217; Jedi Knight sequels. You&#8217;d think that. Yes… that would be a reasonable assumption. You&#8217;ll have to listen to find out if it&#8217;s true or not, though.
With W1S1 HQ moving the show has been thrown into disarray. These tidbits were dredged from the detritus, however and we hope they prove sufficient to scratch your itch.
Episode 27 in which our valiant heroes professionally and intelligently debate the merits of one of the greatest- Actually I can&#8217;t do it. I can&#8217;t say it with a straight face. We talk about Worms. For a bit. Then, well, all I can say is I&#8217;m sorry. Really, really sorry.
In which our heroes, a week late, gather in reenforced numbers to discuss the Sid Meier&#8217;s world-conquering epic that is Civilization. Will more people mean more insightful commentary? Or more off-topic banter? There&#8217;s only one way to know for certain.
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