Wood Talk – Woodworking Podcast: Episodes

Peter Ross teaches us how to take a piece of metal and make an awesome compass from it!
Jack planes, leaving dovetail scribe lines, the difference between some common saws, inspecting an old table saw, using B-grade wood, fixing a warped chair seat, and using epoxy.
Responsible wood usage, green mineral spirits, design for strength, fixing a hand-cut mortise, Arm-R-Seal alternatives, riving knives, carving tools, RAS, cross-cut sleds, steel hardness, butcher block finish, elmers glue, and sprung joints.
William Ng takes on a journey into the world of Green & Greene details!
Circular saw blades, liability insurance, cutting face frames without big tools, upgrading your chisels, planing thin stock, choosing a shop space, creating stopped dados with hand tools, and applying Arm-R-Seal over newly stained wood.
Blasting through some emails with our 20 Question Quickfire Challenge!
On today's show, we're talking about getting back into woodworking, drying lumber, and shipping finished projects.
Finishing Ebony, finish options for game pieces, shop space for a first house, joinery for a plywood tool cabinet, dry lube on a table saw, using metal pipe as dowel stock, and chair joints with no metal fasteners.
Fixing a bent handsaw, deciding what scrap to keep, working with pine, and should woodworking be sexy?
Tiny router bit screws, the effect of sites like Pinterest, wet-sanding shellac, mortising into the end of a dowel, dado blades, the purpose of the nicker, CNC in the small shop, and way to encourage finish to dry faster.
Saw handle angles, traveling for wood, using a Stanley #6 as a jointer plane, the Hock Block Plane Kit, and an HVLP-applied finish for a crib.
Garrett Hack teaches us fundamental skills in the context of a beautiful hanging tool cabinet!
On today's show, we're celebrating Get Woodworking Week by doing an all email episode!
Cherry for a desktop, the ruler trick, stationary sander options, cabinet scrapers vs scraper planes, finishing suggestions for cherry, getting a grippy finish on a fish net, is a ClearVue Cyclone a good idea in a small shop, and special guest J. Leeko
George Walker gives us the low down on traditional design!
Breaking down plywood, Shapton glass stones, adapting Festool hoses, hand plane talk, and Kickstarter campaigns.
David Marks shows us how to create beautiful marquetry using the double bevel technique.
Problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws.
Hand saw sharpening, jointer/planer combination machines, milling procedures, and jointer knives.
Trouble with honing guides, troubleshooting a water-based finishing problem, and wood shop attire.
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