Wood Talk – Woodworking Podcast: Episodes

George Walker gives us the low down on traditional design!
Breaking down plywood, Shapton glass stones, adapting Festool hoses, hand plane talk, and Kickstarter campaigns.
David Marks shows us how to create beautiful marquetry using the double bevel technique.
Problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws.
Hand saw sharpening, jointer/planer combination machines, milling procedures, and jointer knives.
Trouble with honing guides, troubleshooting a water-based finishing problem, and wood shop attire.
The year in review, the wide world of hand planes, wood movement after milling, digital vs print magazines, the Domino vs the Multi-Router, and oil finishes causing blotching in cherry.
The trouble with buying tools, using scraper planes, and laminating solid wood for stability.
On todays show, we are talking about hide glue and glueups.
Granite vs steel, choosing the right gloves for finishing, wood handled tools in dry climates, fixing a blunt plane iron, bevel angles for chisels and plane blades, and transitioning from hobbyist to pro.
Bandsaw tuneup, shop music, tools we would choose if starting over, sharpening, laminated countertops, and organizing tasks during a complicated project.
Scott Meek shares his WIA experience with us and talks about his wooden hand planes. Also, cold weather woodworking and a special event: the Matt2007 vs Matt2012 SawStop debate.
Festool Domino, Tool Chests vs Tool Cabinets, Drill Presses, Wood Storage, Urban Harvested Wood, and Mallets.
Storing oil/varnish blends safely, router tables, dealing with a cluttered shop, assembly table flatness, and Magswitch featherboards.
On today's show, we're doing a little Woodworking in America recap and of course our regular selection of shop stories, links, voicemails and emails.
We're back to our regular format today with What's on the Bench, Around the Web, and Voicemails! Although we got a little sidetracked with Festool talk.
On today's show, we have two special guests to give us first-hand perspectives on two woodworking conventions: IWF Atlanta and Fine Woodworking Live!
Jeff Mertz effectively covers the basics of lumber selection and preparation and adds in a few nice bonus topics including plywood basics, grain matching, and glueups.
Aging effects on wood, using a gents saw for dovetails, and combatting de-lamination in plywood after template routing.
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