Wood Talk – Woodworking Podcast: Episodes

Lie-Nielsen vs Veritas, loose tenons and bed rails, refurbish or buy new, and what we're thankful for!
Sealing with shellac, selecting a solvent for an unknown finish, and skipping the jointer and going with a planer.
Online etiquette, fixes for cheap plywood, and batch cutting dovetails by hand.
Wood warping after a resaw, trouble with a smoothing plane, and octagonal frame joinery.
Solvent confusion, box joints and short ceilings, workbenches and T tracks, and selecting wood for your projects.
Safe finishes for comic book storage, drawer guide positioning, and restoring an antique workbench.
We celebrate 200 episodes of Wood Talk by doing another episode of Wood Talk!
Finishes for kitchen cabinets, dealing with glue squeezeout, and should you get a really small hand plane?
Steam bending vs bent lamination, choosing your tools based on sharpening methods, and replacing your dust collector's filtration bags.
Design rules for grain orientation, filling cracks with finish, and making really long panels.
Avoiding rounding over with a random orbit sander, splines or biscuits as a glue-up aide, a bit of marquetry on a box, and a WIA wrap-up with a discussion of Lee Valley's new custom planes.
Preventing cupped panels, respirators for the permanently bearded, box hinges, Spraying outdoors, acclimating lumber before a project, and avoiding tearout while turning.
We'll be back on September 8th!
Tortured outdoor finishes, string inlay resources, and leap frogging planes.
Mixing profiles and breadboard ends, using a chisel plane, and making dadoes and grooves with hand tools.
Easy durable finishes, automation distancing us from our craft, and how to perform a ritual bloodletting with your chisels
Ammonia fuming, pre-finishing rituals, plywood in the hand tool shop, and how flat is flat enough.
A discussion and review of various workbench vises.
Oil finish inhalation hazards, long miters with hand tools, and woodworking when your job moves you around the country.
Epoxy inlays, bevels on through tenons, and premium measuring tools.
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