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Double Tenons vs Large Single Tenon, Mortising for curves, when to sharpen your hand saws, and our thoughts on new TV shows Framework and Ellen's Design Challenge.
Choosing the right finish for your project.
Grain orientation for planing, matching plywood and solid wood, and keeping glue and finishes warm in freezing temps
On today's show, we're talking about project creep and how projects can get out of control.

Full Show Notes: http://thewoodwhisperer.com/woodtalk/wood-talk-213-project-creep/
On today’s show, we’re talking about tips for working with reclaimed lumber, buying workbench lumber, and are dovetail saddle markers lazy woodworking?

For full show notes and links, head here: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/woodtalk/wood-talk-212-udderly-cold/?menu=community&apt=woodtalk&mode=posts
On today's show we're talking about paring with Japanese Chisels, Dealing with overwhelming fear of sawdust piles, lumber checking, and wood plugs for stretched ears.
How do you design furniture and what makes it fine furniture? In this show the guys tackle the tough, woodworking design questions of our age.
A look back at our goals for 2014.
Fine-tuning tapered plugs, avoiding slippery surfaces on step stools, and attaching a table top to its base.
Spraying dye, drawers or carcase first, picking wood at the lumber yard.
Lie-Nielsen vs Veritas, loose tenons and bed rails, and refurbish vs new planes.
Sealing with shellac, selecting a solvent for an unknown finish, and skipping the jointer and going with a planer.
Online etiquette, fixes for cheap plywood, and batch cutting dovetails by hand.
Wood warping after a resaw, trouble with a smoothing plane, and octagonal frame joinery.
Solvent for woodworking, box joints and short ceilings, workbenches and T tracks, and selecting wood for your projects.
Safe finishes for comic book storage, drawer guide positioning, restoring an antique workbench.
Dry fit strategy, hiding end grain, miters with hand tools, glue on one surface or two, dust collection for routers, wood vs metal planes, glue with long open time, mission style finish, where to start hand saw cuts, oil before shellac, twin tenons, odor-free finish, carbide turning tools.
Finishes for kitchen cabinets, dealing with glue squeeze-out, and should you get a really small hand plane.
steam bending vs bent lamination, choosing your tools based on sharpening methods, replacing your dust collector's filtration bags
Design rules for grain orientation, filling cracks with finish, making really long panels.
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