Wood Talk – Woodworking Podcast: Episodes

Mixing profiles and breadboard ends, using a chisel plane, and making dadoes and grooves with hand tools.
Easy durable finishes, automation distancing us from our craft, and how to perform a ritual bloodletting with your chisels
Ammonia fuming, pre-finishing rituals, plywood in the hand tool shop, and how flat is flat enough.
A discussion and review of various workbench vises.
Oil finish inhalation hazards, long miters with hand tools, and woodworking when your job moves you around the country.
Epoxy inlays, bevels on through tenons, and premium measuring tools.
Is a dust-free environment realistic and dust collectors vs dust extractors.
Tools and projects for kids in the wood shop.
Matching stain, rough vs smooth glue surfaces, tips for beating the summer heat, framing mirrors, and unique joints for a bed frame.
Hand tool dust collection, steam bending kiln-dried wood, flattening a partial log slab, using molding planes on curved edges.
Bandsaw dust collection, small insert screws, choosing the right size hinge, carving tool brands, and if too much woodworking content is a bad thing.
HVLP, finishing in a messy garage, drying lumber, and green wood vs kiln dried.
The pros and cons of a granite countertop for a workbench, adjustable height workbenches, and how to use a spokeshave.
Vice slippage, router table and a shaper, shop upgrades, tension wood, and hand plane technique.
Squaring a table saw blade, combo blades, sharpening a molding plane, and your voicemails!
Incorporating hand tools into a power tools shop.
Cadbury Cream Egg stand, budget chisels, avoiding tearout with plywood, flattening waterstones, the draw knife, a twisted workbench, setting up a skew rabbet plane, and constructing Art Deco pieces.
Wood movement cracking finish, 15" planer options, protecting milk paint outdoors, building with decking lumber, spindle sander for the drill press, cloudy surface when sharpening, and bits for a brace.
Plywood cases, planing dried glue, angled mortises, the iBox jig, cutting dovetails with a tenon saw, and choosing between a fret saw and a coping saw.
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