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As of May 2010, the Westcast podcast is no longer in production. The official podcast of Thomson Reuters, Legal, is now the Legal Current, available on iTunes.
Authors Yukako Kawata and Leor Landa, of Advising Private Funds: A Comprehensive Guide to Representing Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and their Advisers, talk about the private fund industry.
A discussion about the significance of Islamic finance to the business community and the role of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB), with Mazen Zein, product manager for Westlaw Business in Dubai.
The history of the Islamic finance industry and the current challenges of understanding the developments and issues within it, with Mazen Zein, product manager for Westlaw Business in Dubai.
Alicia Russman, director of creative services for Hubbard One, offers advice to improve a law firm or business Web site through design and strategy.
Mark Medice from the Hildebrandt Peer Monitor Index discusses the findings in the report for the third quarter of 2009.
Lisa Smith from Hildebrandt discusses how law firms are approaching the discussion about the billable hour and alternative fee arrangements.
Insight into the patent process and legal trends affecting patents with Cynthia Murphy, vice president and general manager of Thomson IP Management Services.
A discussion about partnerships between marketing and technology teams within law firms on firm-wide initiatives for client development with Shawn Samuel, chief architect at Hubbard One.
Mark Medice and Lisa Smith from Hildebrandt discuss the latest trends in the Peer Monitor Index, showing signs of potential law market recovery.
Sue Brelus and George Gazdick from Squire, Sanders and Dempsey LLP talk about how their firm manages its client relationships.
David Brown from Thomson Reuters IP Solutions talks about some trends in the trademark and patent market.
Jeanne Hammerstrom, chief marketing officer at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan and Aronoff, talks about the use of technology in law firm marketing.
Attorney and West author Flem K. Whited III talks about trends in drunk driving cases.
Andy Popper discusses his novel, Rediscovering Lone Pine, published by West.
Mark Medice and Lisa Smith discuss the Hildebrandt Peer Monitor Index for Q1 2009.
Attorneys Chris Camardello and Brian Melendez talk about Black's Law Dictionary. The podcast also features a comment from Bryan Garner, the dictionary's editor-in-chief.
Robert Haig, author of Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel, talks about some trends affecting corporate counsel, including alternative fee arrangements.
Deborah Roth Grabein, director of marketing at Andrews Kurth, discusses legal marketing, and the projects that led to her being named Marketing Professional of the Year
Two new books from West focus on evolving laws in China for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and shareholder agreements. Attorney and author Owen Nee discusses the issues and his books.
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