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Episode: DAnne Burley Show - Apr 29,2009 
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Avarian Flu connected to Pigs is interested because they are both very different species in addition there is a question of how one specie can carry a virus from another without the helpo of Genetically Squence which is done within Labs. Therefore can it be that this disease was created to affectly get rid of a few issues that are present, one being to kill of more animals such as pigs and bigs that we need for food within this scare to then cause a food shortage in America and within the world, and what effect will this pending disaster have on the Markets Stocks, Hedge Funds etc, again there is more impact than just a flu here, in addition this is on the heals of the issue Population of Mexicans being within the United States, they has been reports of murderous gangs and more on the impact of loss of jobs. The Swine Flu is now reported in Mexico and in fact the death tolls are reported higher than anywhere else in the World Why tune in listen later tonight join D'Anne Burley on her Paltalk Room the D'Anne Burley Show to discuss this issue and explore more on possible things you can do to protect yourself from this disease
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