Weekly Interview with Financial Commentator Greg Heberlein: Episodes

Have you checked the fine print on your bank statement lately? Many banks are changing their fees and interest rates. Financial commentator Greg Heberlein tells KPLU's Dave Meyer you should always be prepared to switch to another bank.
Every spring, KPLU technology commentator Mark Anderson hosts the Future in Review (FiRe) conference in San Diego. The Economist calls it "the best technology conference in the world," and it's attended by executives and scientists from the computing and telecommunications industries. Mark has just ...
Which way is the market going? Stocks have rebounded 30-percent or more in the past couple of months. But many observers expect the market to drop again. KPLU's Dave Meyer tries to make sense out of what's going on with financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
Microsoft is issuing its first-ever corporate bonds. Some people are wondering why a company with 25 billion dollars in the bank would want to go into debt. KPLU's Dave Meyer looks at Microsoft with financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
Corporate CEOs are getting a lot of the blame for the economic meltdown. But what about the people who hire and fire them? Strategic News Service publisher Mark Anderson shares his Open Letter to the Board of Directors with KPLU's Dave Meyer.
A Seattle biotech company, Dendreon, is developing a treatment for late-stage prostate cancer. It's hoping to produce the first cancer vaccine to receive FDA approval. KPLU's Dave Meyer looks at the company with financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
What happens when a company's stock drops to less than two dollars a share? It may decide to do a reverse stock split to boost the share price. But, in spite of the plummeting market, we haven't seen very many reverse splits recently. KPLU's Dave Meyer finds out why in this week's conversation with ...
Companies are releasing their quarterly reports this month. How the market reacts to news of profits or losses will depend a great deal on expectations rather than actual numbers. KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
Are you using a cell phone to check your email or update your Facebook page? If so, you're part of a fast growing trend. KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to our high-tech commentator, Strategic News Service publisher Mark Anderson.
A few weeks ago, President Obama said it might be a good time to buy stocks. The market continued to fall to levels not seen since 1997. But recent days have seen the market rally. Is it a good time to invest? KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
With all the turmoil and uncertainty on Wall Street these days, it's hard to decide where to put your money. Financial commentator Greg Heberlein says you should take a look at bonds. He spoke with KPLU's Dave Meyer.
The simple rule to success in the stock market is to buy low and sell high. How will we know when the turbulent market has hit bottom? KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
Millions of Americans are having trouble making their mortgage payments. Members of Congress are calling for more aid for home owners. Financial commentator Greg Heberlein has come up with a solution. He explains it to KPLU's Dave Meyer.
Is the economy falling off a cliff? Mark Anderson forecasts economic trends in his Strategic News Service newsletter. He tells KPLU's Dave Meyer his crystal ball may be cloudy, but we should see some positive signs in the first half of 2009.
Are you brave enough to put your money into the stock market right now? Or would that be a foolish move? Business and labor reporter Bellamy Pailthorp has our weekly chat with KPLU's financial commentator, Greg Heberlein.
"Cash is king" is a popular phrase these days. With a gloomy financial outlook and a down stock market, many investors are keeping their money on the sidelines. Where should you park your cash? KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
If you're wondering who sucked all of that money out of your retirement fund this Halloween, you may want to blame the financial equivalent of the undead. Strategic News Service publisher Mark Anderson explains vampire investing to KPLU's Dave Meyer.
Comparisons to the Great Depression are mentioned a lot in the news lately. But that doesn't mean the economy is actually heading into a depression. KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
Is the bear market here to stay...or will the stock market recover? Anything can happen, but may investors fear things will get worse before they get better. KPLU's Dave Meyer talks to financial commentator Greg Heberlein.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plummeted thousands of points from its all time high just a year ago. Many workers are seeing the value of their retirement plans drop by 30 percent or more. What's the best way to deal with the turbulent markets? KPLU's Dave Meyer turns to financial commentator ...
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