Weekend Box Office Overview: Episodes

Sorry that the audio cut out. Not sure why it happened. Nevertheless, this is still an awesome episode of WBOV! You've got the top 12 movies, some Shrek Forever After news, upcoming movies in theaters and on DVD & Blu-ray and more! Subscribe for more!
The Top 12 movies in the box office for the weekend of May 14-16 2010. Plus, Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood news. This awesome episode also gets you up to date about the latest movies next week in theaters and DVD and Blu-ray releases. Subscribe for more!
The longest episode in a long time. This episode features the top 12, yes TWELVE movies. :) It also has some Iron Man 2, How To Train Your Dragon and April 2010 news as well as upcoming movies in theaters and DVD. Subscribe so you never miss an episode!
Sorry for missing last week! But, I'm back today with the top 10 movies from April 30- May 2 2010. Subscribe for more episodes!!
The top 10 movies over the weekend of April 16-18 2010, new movies next week and more! Subscribe to hear how those new movies do next week!
Join me for the top 10 movies over the weekend of April 9th 2010. Also includes upcoming movies, the total made in March and more. Subscribe now and find out how the new movies will do next week!
The First episode to be released on tuesday. Sorry about that, I had easter plans yesterday. But, no matter what the day, you still get an awesome episode of WBOV! The top 10 movies, upcoming releases and a new theme song! Subscribe now!!
The shortest episode yet. Short and to the point. I messed up when I said it was the 5th top 10 episode. It was the fourth XD. The episode goes over the top 10 movies over the weekend, tweet movie reviews and more. Subscribe and never miss an episode!
Sorry for messing up a lot. I must be tired or something! Anyways, as well as the top 10 movies, you hear some awesome news about Alice In Wonderland, an update from a past show, the new movies in theaters next week, a shout out and more! Subscribe today!
Justin from DATT joined us for this episode. The top 10 movies over the weekend (obviously) plus upcoming movies, our twitter and more.
The first top 10 episode. This features the top 10 movies at the box office over the weekend. I also read a tweet someone submitted. Submit your own with the #WBOV tag and have it read on the show! Subscribe for more!
Just welcoming you to my brand new podcast. This will be a weekly podcast featuring the top 10 money making movies over the weekend. New episodes will be mondays.
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