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The original RAW Sista gives us a peek into her literary world!
What exactly is a Virtual Assistant? Lucinda Cross will tell us everything we need to know!
Katherine Brooks of Katherine Brooks Floral Designs shares with us her visons on design, beauty and luv!
Join the SEXY One for a pre-New Years Eve party! Trivia, Games, Prizes - OOHIT OOHIT Wanda's Way!
You need more of the SEXY One? Listen in - here it is!
Got the holiday blues? Don't worry, WandaLuv has got YOU! Listen in to your favorite luv songs and get into the spirit of LUV :-)
The number lady will share her wisdom with us! This will be better than Lotto! Don't miss this show!
A few poets stop by to give us rythmic words for our soul. Get your finger snaps ready!
Wha do dat be? Tune in and get your grammer corrected!
The author of, I Can Have my Cake and Eat It Too gives us a slice of her life.
The author of Masquerade takes us on a maze of two in love with one!
Uhmmm...sounds like sweet dark chocolate will grace us with her words. Tune in and get a sugar rush!
The author of A Woman Scorned, Married Man, and A Day Without Beauty shares her passionate views on domestic violence with us.
There is nothing I can say...tune in and you'll see why!
The author of The Day I Stopped Being Pretty tells us how beautiful he really is.
The author of Straight With No Chaser, Second Time Shame On Me and Serenity Place stops by to give us a glimpse into her world.
If you have ever asked someone WHAT THE...please listen in!
Listen in to find out the reel on what they do!
Author W. Ivan Wright stops by to tell us why the title of his book makes you say hmmm...
When is celebrity "news" news , or just gossip?
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