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Have you missed me? I've missed you! Listen in, call in, let's catch up!
K.L. Belvin of Bravin Publishing makes a pit stop on his journey to success with The SEXY One! Listen in!
Join me as I talk to paranormal Author Gerald Rice! Be afraid....be very afraid!
More Authors of Peace in the Storm Publishing join me! Awww, Lawd, come'on and get some peace!
The Authors of Peace in the Storm Publishing share their works and words! Listen in!
The Author of Right Package, Wrong Baggage joins The SEXY One! Listen in!
Authors, how much is too much? 50/50? Consignment? And what happened to my books anyway? Awww, Lawd!
Chat, call, listen in and enjoy! This show is for YOU!
Uh-huh! You know what you need; and your Favorite Girl is gonna give it to ya! Awwwwwww, baby!
It's your favorite girl! Enjoy (^_^)
Are you a poet? SInger? Call in and share your voice with The SEXY One!
Please join me as I talk to a FABULOUS lady! Listen in!
Who? Awwww, baby! Miss WandaLuv!
Get your luv in Wanda's Way! Awwwww baby!
Miss WandaLuv is ON! Enjoy :-)
The fabulous Dr. Niama Williams is a poetic blessing! Oooooweee, her words will leave you breathless, listen in!
The author of Blind Temptations joins The SEXY One...ahhh, come on and listen to what she has to say!
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