Episode: The Panic in Needle Park (The Leonard Lopate Show: Friday, 30 January 2009) 
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The 1971 New York film <a href="http://www.filmforum.org/films/panic.html" target="_blank">"The Panic in Needle Park"</a> starred Al Pacino as a drug addict, and was believed to have been the first film to show graphic depictions of intravenous drug use. Leonard talks to director Jerry Schatzberg and actor Kitty Winn about the making of the film, which is being screened at Film Forum (209 W. Houston) Jan. 30-Feb. 5.
<p><em>Event:</em> <br />
Director Jerry Schatzberg, co-star Kitty Winn and co-screenwriter Joan Didion<br />
will appear at the Film Forum’s 7:40 show of “The Panic” <br />
Friday January 30 <br />
Tickets and more info <a href="http://www.filmforum.org/films/panic.html" target="_blank">here</a></p><div class="feedflare">
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