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On today's podcast -- Iranian scientist returns to Tehran; Gulf 'tar pies' end up in MI landfill; NRA gains influence with Democrats; AZ police train to enforce new immigration law; and Robin Stone on the life and career of her husband, New York Times journalist Gerald Boyd.
On today's podcast -- federal investigators fault drivers in Toyota sudden acceleration cases; GOP and Dems gear up for fall campaigns; parking ticket angels in Santa Monica; seven missing WWII airmen interred at Arlington National Cemetery; and musician Rob Morsberger.
On today's podcast -- BP tests 'great big faucet' on gushing well; terrorism expert Jessica Stern on her book, "Denial: A Memoir of Terror;" Iranian scientist takes refuge in Washington, DC; Lauren Sandler of Time Magazine on only children; and Jack Murnighan on his book, "Beowulf on the Beach: What ...
On today's podcast -- Congress's agenda before summer recess; Wall Street speculation drives bubble in world food prices; barefoot bandit in court; Haiti, six months after the latest earthquake; and our summer Latin music picks.
On today's podcast -- federal judge rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional; author Simon Rich on his book, "Elliot Allagash;" Estonia leads fight against cyber-spying; Michigan State closes campus in Dubai; listener letters; and new protections for children on reality TV sets.
On today's podcast -- a possible U.S.-Russia spy swap; whiter teeth, free credit reports and other consumer scams; ocean scientists concerned over methane bubbles in Gulf; disposing of tar balls; and author Justin Cronin on his new book, "The Passage."
On today's podcast -- RI state police aid enforcement of federal immigration law; Lenore Skenazy, author of "Free Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had, Without Going Nuts with Worry;" Lebron James to announce where he'll play; female vets face VA healthcare snafus; and a look ahead at this ...
On today's podcast -- Gulf coast businesses weigh suing BP; author Jeffery Miron on his book, "Libertarianism from A to Z;" the skinny on men's bathing suits; wildlife and the BP oil gusher; and the CA folk-rock band, "Delta Spirit."
On today's podcast -- an update on clean-up in the Gulf; summer blockbuster films; Thailand seeks unity after violent protests; college grads face tough job market; and Robert Manson Myers, author of "Ars Amatoria."
Lawmakers Head Home For Holiday Weekend
Independence Day Brings Families Together
Researchers Identify Fountain Of Youth Genes
Restrepo Offers Unflinching Look At War In Afghanistan
How Does Kathy Gunsts Garden Grow
Alleged Russian Spies Face Bail Hearings
Rwanda Prepares For Elections
Unemployed Blogger Calls Benefits A Lifeline
American Librarian Tracks Mexico Drug Deaths
Pianist Fred Hersch Makes A Comeback
On today's podcast -- clean-up efforts on Mississippi beaches; the legacies of 1969 oil spills in Santa Barbara, CA and Buzzard's Bay, MA; Yemen becoming a haven for al-Qaeda; kids' summer camps go unplugged; and Laurie Halse Anderson on her book, "Wintergirls."
On today's podcast -- U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan faces questions from Senate Judiciary Committee; author Barbara Demick on her book, "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea;" MA congressman Jim McGovern aims to postpone war spending; 11th alleged Russian spy arrested; and Gordon Grice ...
On today's podcast -- the U.S. Supreme Court overturns handgun ban in Chicago; mixed-race families search for bone marrow donors; remembering U.S. Senator Robert Byrd; BPA chemical found in most canned foods and drinks; and music playlists for summer.
On today's podcast -- lawmakers reach consensus on financial reform bill; Rolling Stone reports on government failure and BP negligence; an update on World Cup action; the Army overrules initial findings on the battle of Wanat; and Michael Jackson's estate one year after his death.
On today's podcast -- BP oil containment cap back in place; divisions among U.S. leadership in the Afghan war; condoms to be available to all school children in Provincetown, MA; a marathon tennis match finally ends; listener letters; and director and co-writer Debra Granik.
On today's podcast -- General Stanley McChristal summoned by President Obama; an update on immigration in AZ; Russia cracks down on dissent; an environmentalist and oil executive on drilling bans in the Gulf; and Reif Larsen, author of "The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet: A Novel."
On today's podcast -- General McChrystal apologizes for remarks made to Rolling Stone; a look at the SUN initiative, a privately funded program for homeowners in foreclosure; BP enlists Washington heavyweights for PR offensive; Oliver Stone's new film about Hugo Chavez, "South of the Border;" and the ...
On today's podcast -- deep water drilling moratorium in Federal court today; filmmaker Josh Fox on his new documentary, "Gasland;" NE town votes on measure to ban employment and housing for illegal immigrants; mothers and kids with AIDS in the developing world; and the band Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.
On today's podcast -- a look at how the oil spill response faltered, and what lies ahead; South Carolina's controversial Senate candidate; LA beats Boston; listener letters; and violinist DBR.
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