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On today's podcast -- Democrats push to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell;" Apple and Google battle for your remote; lawmakers online identities co-opted; rabbis, imams and pastors study together; and New Yorker cover artist Eric Drooker depicts Allen Ginsberg's "Howl."
On today's podcast -- provisions of health care bill to begin this week; Jeff Sharlet, author of "C-Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy;" Brits turn over Afghan province to Americans; an update on the Petit murder case in CT; and a farewell to the comic strip "Cathy."
On today's podcast -- Afghanistan braces for another election; a New Yorker profile of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; possible tornado touches down in NYC; tech university blacks out social media; Indian composer A.R. Rahman; Baltimore to honor native son Frank Zappa.
On today's podcast -- U.S. poverty rate rises; Cuba begins overhauling its economy; the Pope visits Britain amid scandal; Congress debates NASA's future; and musician Justin Townes Earle.
On today's podcast -- Tea Party candidate wins DE primary; small businesses and extending tax cuts; roller derby makes a comeback; market clout drives healthcare costs; and canning with Here and Now chef Kathy Gunst.
Iran Releases American Hiker
Low Interest Rates and Rising Bank Fees How Can Someone Save Money
Pitiful Pittsburgh Pirates
Explosion Raises Concerns About Aging Gas Pipes
Walking The Boardwalk Empire
As Midterms Approach Republicans Waffle On Tax Message
A Tale Of Two Tea Party Primaries
Concerns About Security Ahead Of Afghan Election
Chinese Investment in Africa
Spinning the Blues
On today's podcast -- coverage of President Obama's news conference; tracking hate crimes with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center; fires ravage the city of Detroit; an update from the U.S. Open; reflections of people born on 9/11; and construction progresses at Ground Zero.
On today's podcast -- an update on Terry Jones's plan to burn Korans this weekend; how 'Freedom Summer' in 1964 changed Mississippi and America; forest fires ravage Colorado; forest fires in Russia this summer; listener letters; and the Portland Pirate Festival.
On today's podcast -- pastor adamant he'll burn Korans this weekend; when facts reinforce misperceptions; a preview of the Chicago mayoral race; JFK's speech on separation of church and state, 50 years on; and rediscovering the periodic table, one element at a time.
On today's podcast -- President Obama fights back on the economy; rethinking wealth creation via home ownership; back-to-school time tough on Fido; the future of public libraries in hard economic times; and the American Ballet Theater Company to perform in Cuba this fall.
On today's podcast -- songwriter Jimmy Webb on his hits and his new album, "Just Across The River;" militant attacks rock Pakistan; lobster cooking tips; and a visit to Camp Jabberwocky.
President Turns Focus To Jobs
The Joys of Lakes And Ponds
Financial Woes Send 160 Year Old Michigan State Fair Out To Pasture
Whats Behind The Arizona Governors Debate Meltdown
Haley Barbour Talks About Race And Republicans And Mississippi History
Catching Up With The Weepies
Another Oil Rig Explodes In The Gulf Coast
Temple Grandin The Extraordinary Woman At The Center Of The Emmy Winning HBO Film
Hurricane Earl Threatens East Coast
Tiny Bedbugs Are A Big Problem
The Savory Collection And A Sneak Peak For Jimmy Webb
American Troops Begin New Role As Advisers In Iraq
Middle East Peace Talks Resume Amidst Hope For Compromise
Louisiana Shrimp Festival Also Honors The Oil Industry
Bracelet Links Reporter To Missing Soldier
Gail Caldwell Memorializes Caroline Knapp
US Marks The Formal End Of Combat Operations In Iraq
Kurdistan Wary Of Its Future
Whats Next For Iraq
Getting Kids Back On Their Bikes
Unraveling The Mystery Between The Saudi Prince Fox News And The So Called Ground Zero Mosque
Romeo And Juliet in Yiddish
President Obama To Mark End Of Combat Operations In Iraq and Jumpstart Middle East Peace Talks
Can A Vaccine Treat An Addiction
Hurricane Earl Could Become Major Hurricane
US Aid Cannot Buy Pakistani Support
Joyce Maynard Talks About Parenting And Her Novel Labor Day
Federal Tool Bag Looks Sparse As The Economy Falters
Six Years On, Pat Tillmans Mother Still Looking For Answers
Searching For A Home For Europes Gypsies
Car For Blind Drivers Could Become A Reality
Harry Shearers Big Uneasy Asks How Safe Is New Orleans Today
Tea Partiers To Meet In Washington This Weekend
Young Workers Face Brighter Future In China Than In America
Schools Offer Students A Chance To Skip Senior Year
Candidates Copy Fashion But May Lack Flair of Senator Scott Brown
The Bluegrass Band Cherryholmes Keeps It All In the Family
Primary Wrap Up
New Orleans Five Years After Katrina
Chileans Hold Out Hope For Miners
The End of Overeating
Throw Out Your Clocks
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