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On today's podcast — Congress postpones recess to debate budget cuts; researcher rethinks anti-biotics; MA family spends year traveling abroad; a 9th-grade history class follows news in Egypt; and film critic Ty Burr on this year's Grammy-nominated short films.
On today's podcast — Bahrain military cracks down on protesters; a primer on Middle East countires in the news; MA Senator Scott Brown a childhood victim of sex abuse; GOP legislators say sell University of Iowa's Jackson Pollack 'Mural;' GOP governors attack labor unions; and author John Bemelmans ...
On today's podcast — President Obama's budget scrutinized; shooting of Pakistanis mar U.S. - Pakistan relations; inmate beating death at Riker's Island; and cooking with Alaska's fisherwomen.
On today's podcast — budget and foreign policy top President Obama's press conference; aid to states and cities and the budget; Great Lakes Restoration initiative faces propsed 25% funding cut; memer of anti-immigrant Minutemen convicted of murder in AZ; baseball great Stan Musial to receive Presidential ...
On today's podcast — human rights activists search for Egypt's missing; Egypt's youth movement; President Obama proposes budget cuts; Belgian marathon runner Stefaan Engels; and Valentine's Day music for the lovelorn.
On today's podcast — Egyptians celebrate as Mubarak resigns; Al Jazeera pitches English programming to U.S. cable outlets.
On today's podcast — updates from Egypt; India's ubiquitous gooseberry; GOP divided as CPAC begins; and composer Nico Muhly.
On today's podcast — the latest on protests in Egypt; new study shows that U.S. homegrown terrorism is rare; the beleaguered Cleveland Cavaliers; thousands of Post Offices to close; and Thomas Mallon, author of "Yours Ever: People and Their Letters."
On today's podcast — Protests continue in Egypt; lifetime annuities, reverse mortgages and retirement planning; Spiderman, the musical; southern Sudanese independence spark breakaway movements in Africa; and poet Elizabeth Bishop's centennial.
On today's podcast — the latest from Egypt; American far right spins conspiracy theories about protests in Egypt; Egypt and domestic U.S. politics; Julian Assange's extradition hearing; and the new CD, "Waylon: The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings."
On today's podcast — Egypt, day 10; buildings collapse beneath weight of snow and ice; author Evgeny Morozov on his new book, "The Net Delusion;" and commercially sponsored pre-game Superbowl shows.
On today's podcast — protests in Egypt intensify; post-Colonial order in Arab world begins to unravel; preview of this year's Superbowl; and climate change and unusual winter weather.
On today's podcast — pro- and anti-government protesters clash in Egypt; an update on this week's blizzard; and filmmaker Danny Boyle.
On today's podcast — Jordan and Israel track mounting protest in Egypt; this week's blizzard; NJ town clears snowy roads with pickle juice; and the science of hibernation.
On today's podcast — a former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and an Egyptian human rights activist discuss continuing protest in Egypt; a U.S.-based internet activists help Egyptian protesters elude government spying; and the screenwriter for the film, "The King's Speech."
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