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On today's podcast -- the White House summit on community colleges; suicides among members of military; incarcerated Chinese man nominated for Nobel Peace Prize; making non-renewable metals infinitely useable; and author Melissa Katsoulis on her book, "Literary Hoaxes: An Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds."
On today's podcast -- terror alert for Americans traveling to Europe; the return of 'separate-and-unequal' in U.S. schools; Rahm Emanuel's tough fight ahead in Chicago mayoral race; U.S. medical experiments in Guatemala; and a BBC report on Normal Rockwell at the movies.
On today's podcast -- TARP to expire Sunday; Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, co-authors of "The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time;" on the road with China's car clubs; Sutter Health responds to criticisms of pricing; and the British band The Portico Quartet.
On today's podcast -- Rutgers student commits suicide after sexual encounter goes viral; the skinny on nutritional supplements; Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino boils over; Americans flunk religious literacy test; and an archive broadcast of our conversation with Joe Drape on his book, "Our Boys: A ...
On today's podcast -- an update on terrorism plot in Europe; a lock at the upcoming Supreme Court docket; the latest on trapped miners in Chile; a profile of Joe Biden by Mark Bowden of The Atlantic; and musician Phil Collins on his new album, "Going Back."
On today's podcast -- U.S. increases number of attacks in Pakistan; a look at gubernatorial races in NY and MA; Feds to crack down on those who aim lasers at aircraft; MA bans cellphone use by teens behind the wheel; and filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker on their new documentary, "Kings of Pastry."
On today's podcast -- GOP gains ground as elections near; rethinking treatment of mental illness in young people; sumo wrestling grapples with gangsters in Japan; and HBO's Adrian Grenier on his new documentary, "Teenage Paparazzo."
On today's podcast -- federal judge to decide on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" injuction; scientists use artificial intelligence and psychology to improve customer service calls; baseball players in the hunt for this year's Triple Crown; a BBC report on instability in Sudan as secession vote nears; and comedian ...
On today's podcast -- President Obama addresses U.N.; John Shiffman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports on a captured Iranian arms smuggler; a list of who might succeed Larry Summers at the White House; nations debate sharing North Pole natural resorces; and Steve Kleinedler of the American Heritage ...
On today's podcast -- a preview of U.S. Congressional races in Alaska and Nevada; Davis Guggenheim on his new education documentary, "Waiting for Superman;" Iranian expats protest Ahmadinejad; a BBC report from North Korea; and Jett Williams on a new CD collection of her father's music, "The Hank Williams ...
On today's podcast -- Democrats push to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell;" Apple and Google battle for your remote; lawmakers online identities co-opted; rabbis, imams and pastors study together; and New Yorker cover artist Eric Drooker depicts Allen Ginsberg's "Howl."
On today's podcast -- provisions of health care bill to begin this week; Jeff Sharlet, author of "C-Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy;" Brits turn over Afghan province to Americans; an update on the Petit murder case in CT; and a farewell to the comic strip "Cathy."
On today's podcast -- Afghanistan braces for another election; a New Yorker profile of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; possible tornado touches down in NYC; tech university blacks out social media; Indian composer A.R. Rahman; Baltimore to honor native son Frank Zappa.
On today's podcast -- U.S. poverty rate rises; Cuba begins overhauling its economy; the Pope visits Britain amid scandal; Congress debates NASA's future; and musician Justin Townes Earle.
On today's podcast -- Tea Party candidate wins DE primary; small businesses and extending tax cuts; roller derby makes a comeback; market clout drives healthcare costs; and canning with Here and Now chef Kathy Gunst.
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On today's podcast -- coverage of President Obama's news conference; tracking hate crimes with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center; fires ravage the city of Detroit; an update from the U.S. Open; reflections of people born on 9/11; and construction progresses at Ground Zero.
On today's podcast -- an update on Terry Jones's plan to burn Korans this weekend; how 'Freedom Summer' in 1964 changed Mississippi and America; forest fires ravage Colorado; forest fires in Russia this summer; listener letters; and the Portland Pirate Festival.
On today's podcast -- pastor adamant he'll burn Korans this weekend; when facts reinforce misperceptions; a preview of the Chicago mayoral race; JFK's speech on separation of church and state, 50 years on; and rediscovering the periodic table, one element at a time.
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