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On today's podcast -- cold spell threatens Florida crops; the NYT's Thanassis Cambanis on his new book, "A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah's Legions and Their Endless War against Israel;" Julian Assange's Aussie roots; college students log off social media; and Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex ...
On today's podcast -- NYT photographer Tyler Hicks on his work in Afghanistan; rocker Henry Rollins on his new National Geographic film, "Explorer: Born to Rage;" best places for veterans to retire; the pro-Wikileaks group 'Anonymous;' and the best music journalism of 2010
On today's podcast -- President Obama predicts Congress will pass tax bill; Appalachian coal baron Don Blankenship; jailed Liu Xiaobo receives Nobel Peace Prize; colleges hire overseas virtual teaching assistants; and actor and former drug addict Richie Farrell.
On today's podcast -- Haiti in the throes of post-election violence; income inequality leads to bankruptcy, divorce; turtles ashore on Cape Cod; wording of recommendation letters hinders women's job searches; listener letters; and a flash-mob Hallelujah Chorus.
On today's podcast -- Obama defends tax deal with GOP; good news from Afghanistan's private sector; winter wonderland in upstate New York; Google contemplates its next big thing; and young musicians sing the music of John Lennon.
On today's podcast -- Wikileaks founder surrenders to London police; Democrats unhappy with tax cut deal; fight over bike lane in Brooklyn; treating the bully and the bullied; and recreating old music recordings with robotics.
On today's podcast -- Wall Street maneuvers to sidestep tax hike on bonuses; imagining a unified Korea; strife between Kurds and Iraqi Arabs in Kirkuk; lessons from failed Clinton-era initiative to regulate Wall Street; and musician Matt Costa.
Unemployment in Camden,NJ; How to Vanish Without a Trace; Hackers and Wikileaks; Stars and Bacteria; Pianist Thomas de Hartmann
On Today's podcast; Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois urges not to compromise on tax cuts; does Wall Street fuel the economy or drain it; Pakistans flood victims brace for the winter; climate through a farmers eyes; and bringing back forgotten customs.
On today's podcast -- horse trading over tax cuts; governors eye cuts to state employee pay; historian Adam Goodheart on his NYT series "Disunion;" 2009 nuclear stand-off with Libya; and the jazz trio, 'The Bad Plus.'
On today's podcast -- Federal unemployment benefits to expire tomorrow; inside the world of hackers; road fatalities on India's bustling streets; the Latino vote a linchpin in 2012 elections; and seeing history through George Washington's maps.
On today's podcast -- Wikileaks discloses sensitive State Department files; Salman Rushdie on his new book, "Luka and the Ring of Fire;" growing moustaches for men's health; Federal regulators enforce mine safety regulations; and super-efficient passive energy homes.
On today's podcast -- holiday sales stronger than last year; football injuries portend change to America's Game; plaid as the new black; Houdini exhibit at the Jewish Museum of New York; and Star Wars in the 3D galaxy.
On today's podcast -- the poverty simulation exercise Realville; holiday jobs go temp to permanent; Bronson Alcott on his new book, "Fruitlands;" and the snow geese of Vermont.
On today's podcast -- holiday shopping season begins early; Reverend Peter Gomes on pilgrims and Plymouth; an update on Gulf Oil disaster claims; fighting cholera in Haiti; and the band, 'Villagers.'
North and South Korea exchange artillery fire; professor proposes ethical standards for academic economists; heightened security on cargo planes; Taliban negotiator found to be impostor; and Thanksgiving tradition and the 21st-century palate.
On today's podcast-- North Korea builds uranium enrichment facility; woman's cross-country odyssey shines light on homeless; China's real estate bubble; high school football behind the headlines in Allen, TX; and Thanksgiving side dishes.
On today's podcast -- lame duck Congress fails to move tax cuts, unemployment benefits; airport security as holiday season begins; U.S. attempts to persuade Taliban to switch sides; and artist Stephen Hannock and the Hudson River School.
GM post-bankruptcy IPO; tracking the neo-cons today; abortion-themed license plates; Irish banker files for bankruptcy in U.S. court; previewing the new Harry Potter film with 'Generation Potter.'
On today's podcast -- air passengers say boycott x-ray body scans; David Leonhardt on the defecit; convicted CT driver sues victim's family; the troubled Irish economy; and Steve Almond's fall reading list.
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