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Voicey Awards open for nominations, Melissa Disney in "The Chase", Mike Cooper Narrates "Dinosaur Secrets" on History, Sanjo Ogunseye in The Biz, and Allen Ellis poses a question in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 60 »
Opportunities for voice over product reviews, Rodney Saulsberry's new CD and giveaway, Bettye Zoller Dallas workshops, Bobbin Beam in the Biz, Ian Stuart in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 59 »
Unofficial Announcer contest for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Huber Announces Live at the People's Choice Awards, Marc Cashman named one of AudioFile Magazine's top voices and what to do when artistic direction is lacking in audition scripts. Download Podcast Episode 58 »
Dan Gorham reports on Myanmar Relief PSAs, Vanessa Hart presents Female Radio Hosts on Par with Male Counterparts?, Jefferson Feil announces Seth MacFarlane's Sweet Deal with 20th Century Fox, Bobbin Beam in The Biz, and Vicki Amorose with comedy piece, "Upmost Expresso". Download Podcast Episode 57 »
Morgan Freeman voicing for Pro Golf, Menus That Talk, Game Developer Learns Lesson, and Voice Coaches Radio in the Biz. Download Podcast Episode 56 »
Rodney Saulsberry's new travel site, Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo and Conference in Schenectady, Contest at Voice-overs.com forum, Pat Fraley interviewing Phil Crowley in The Biz, and how to get on the Voices.com home page for free. Download Podcast Episode 55 »
What's going on with SAG and AFTRA?, Voice Talkers Video, Don LaFontaine in Good Health, Bobbin Beam's "The Art of Risk", and Who Got the Gig? column on VOX Daily. Download Podcast Episode 54 »
Join Stephanie Ciccarelli as your host for the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards Show honoring voice actors for their talent, achievements and contributions to the voice over industry. Download the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards Show »
Seth MacFarlane to host 2nd Annual Elans in Vancouver, Winner of Unofficial NBC Nightly News Contest, Voice Overs Mixed in on CDs to prevent piracy, Pat Fraley and Ed Asner Workshop in February, and some more YouTube'n with John Miles in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 53 »
Unofficial NBC Nightly News Announcer Search at audio'connell, Voice Over New Year's Resolution Contest Winner, Harry Shearer Questions The Donald's SAGiness, State of the Voice Over Industry in The Biz, and some audio feedback from Sanjo Ogunseye in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 52 »
Don LaFontaine Recuperating after Cedars Sinai stay, Voice Over New Year's Resolution Contest, Bob Souer Narrates 774,000 Word Project, Adam Fox is in Tech Talk, and there's a brand spanking new VO site hitting the scene and already scoring points in the search engines. Download Podcast Episode 51 »
Vivendi and Activision to merge, Marc Cashman opens One-on-One Voice Coaching, New Voice Casting Podcast, Adam Fox answers your podmail and a special announcement about the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards. Download Podcast Episode 50 »
British Animation Awards Announce New Voice Performance Categories, Update on Writers Guild of America Strike, Feature Interview with David Cook, Kathleen "Kat" Keesling on SaVoa and Adam Fox teaches you how to clean your computer in Tech Talk. Download Podcast Episode 49 »
Writers' Strike, Simpsons Video Game, Naruto : Rise of a Ninja Gives Gamers Choice of VAs, Terry Daniel's Voice Overs On Demand Podcast, Adam Fox in Tech Talk - send in your MP3s! Download Podcast Episode 48 »
Today, you'll be able to sit in on a call recorded earlier this year with Erica Bontje and Laurynda Pasma as they provide a Profile review and explore the Leads, Jobs and Payment areas of Voices.com. Be sure to leave your comments on our call-in line. Call 206-888-0308 with your questions or comments ...
California Wildfires, Jeff Gelder Holiday Magic CD, Teletoon turns 10 years old, Julie Williams reviews MJ Lallo's Marketing in VO DVD, Adam Fox in Tech Talk and an opportunity to help your colleagues through difficult times. Download Podcast Episode 47 »
Blue Microphone Releases Joe and Snowpack, Paramount HD DVD Luncheon with Optimus Prime, The Rise of Niche Game Import Bidding War, Bob Green in The Biz, Adam Fox in Tech Talk, and time to tell your story in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 46 »
Say How?, Rodney Saulsberry's upcoming teleclass, Video Game Voice Actor Interview on NPR, Kristi Stewart in The Biz, Adam Fox in Tech Talk, and Vicki Amorose on taking time for yourself in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode 45 »
25:12 mins
June Foray’s Birthday Bash in Burbank, Welcome to The Jungle (Book), VOICE 2008 in Los Angeles next summer, Julie Williams with voice actor reviews of Billion $ Read, Adam Fox in Tech Talk, and Debbie Munro shares an important message about a fraudulent client in the VOX Box. Download Podcast Episode ...
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