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Sharing a clip I took of Teena Marie in concert @ B. B. Kings in 2008.
Have you noticed that despite access to literally millions of songs being made available through internet streaming services, you still don’t have all your classics? Why are they so hard to find? Just airing out some thoughts to you guys.
I actually had to split this video because I felt it was too long. I may post the other portion as an article later on. Since technically, people are still shopping for the holidays until about Jan 1st. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to give my personal tips on shopping online […]
This is really my response to an article I’ve read recently, were a NYC “psychic” conned this women out of a large sum of money, to bring her luck and fortune. Got to love those old beliefs. They can get you in this kind of trouble every time. If you would like to read the […]
This film is in the public domain, and could be found at archive.org. [Correction: Carman Newsome was the detective trying to prove her innocence. Wenzer (played by Robert Earl Jones (father of James Earl Jones)) was the other detective assisting in the case.. My goodness, Robert Earl Jones was FIIIIIINEEEEEEEE. ...
Despite the fact I expressed my dislike for Mantan Moreland as an actor; the acting in which he was typecast-ed for seemed to have worked out very well for this particular movie. Because truth of the matter is, if the directors/writers kept the movie the way it was WITHOUT Mr. Moreland, the movie would ...
Please Note: It appears that there is no DVD for this movie. The only way to view this movie, is via Netflix.com
I highly recommend this movie. Moments of intense drama and suspense.
Hi guys, since I’ve made so many significant changes to my blog, I thought it would be a good idea to re-do the intro for youtube. I’m going to delete the last intro. Enjoy.
Gamera is in the Public Domain. Please click here to download free from Archive.org
Initially, I wasn’t going to do a video on streaming services, ’cause I’ve already touched a little bit on them in my earlier blog posts. However, the way technology is going, I feel that the “vintage” community needs to talk about this more. Yes, I understand the whole ...
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