Undercover Unitards Podcast: Episodes

Court Man - Date! We are all here for a very “spaced out” show. None of us can seem to keep our minds on the show, and for
this we are sorry “Listener”. Dave Matthews. We get a few fun call ins. Have a lot of voicemails. Nobody likes Kevin.
Lesser [...]
Just The Tip! All here for a fun show.. now with fake live call in’s. You too can call in when we are recording
at (605)610-0720. Naked Ninja, Nicky from Georgia, and Crawla Wilba call in. Porn Star is Melissa Midwest.
Call us in a voicemail @(206)350-0720 or leave an email at theunitards@hotmail.com
The Jolly Roger! We start live call ins, and Scott The Pool Boy joins us. Joel is out with Oral issues. Charlie talks about strippers and dingleberries. Charlie scrubs the “floor”. Kevin uses an imaginary chalkboard when shopping. Emphasis bags. Moon Boots. Rocker kicks. Scott has [...]
Uncle Bad Touch! Everyone is here. We have a nice conversation about pillow talk. Kevin and Goof go on a date. Rainbow parties. We call and wake up Brycecakes. Octomom’s tiny vagina. Charlie runs a voicemail contest. Lot’s of Reverse Voicemails. Porn star is Tweety Valentine. Call us in a ...
Devito! Charlie makes his triumphant return to the show. Kevin has words for Goof. E3 Craigslist missed connections with booth babes. Octomom’s porn pics. Reverse Hotcakes. Porn star is Melody Jordan. Sex term is the Knight Rider. Call us in a voicemail @ (206)350-0720 or leave an email [...]
Imitation Crab! Joel and Goof start off this lengthy show as Kevin get’s called out. Octomom. Strawberry Lake. Odd Craigslist ad. Danica McKellar. Cooking Meth in Walmart. Minka Kelly. All you can eat denial. Porn star is Karlie Montana. Sex Term is “the Veal Cutlet”. [...]
Yoga Pants! Charlie is off for the week but Damian and Kirsten are in studio along with Goof. We take a look at The Giggles. Yoga Pants. Flying Cats.
We talk about Nut Sag. Lady Gaga’s dick. We play the Celebrity Net Worth game. Porn star is [...]
Tea and Crumpets! Bills, Bills, lots of Bills. Ass Rags. Charlie has words? Celebs we hate. Porn Star is Tiffany Brookes. Sex term is the “ham sandwhich”. Call us in a voicemail @ (206)350-0720 or leave an email at theunitards@hotmail.com
Obviously #2! Kevin misses a Nickelback concert. Charlie rages about his cable company. Goof get’s aids. Chunkendales. Disturbing Courtney Stodden video. Cologne wars. Penn and Teller video game. Joel finds a really scary midget video. Goof needs dating advice. Lesser Evil’s. Porn ...
Rock and Jelly Bean! Week 2 of “Fake Live Radio” is off and running. Talk is of nuclear weapons. Oompa Loompas. Circus Peanuts. Minecraft Xbox 360. Tales from the Hardside. Bryce sends in another email and sparks a whole new conversation that we don’t wanna go into. [...]
Fruits of the Loom! The Unitards are back.. and now with 100% more Goof. Kevin is still burnt out. Charlie has a week from hell.
Goof tries Sushi for the 1st time. Joel really wants to start school. We enter the age of Fake Live Radio. Who is that hot girl [...]
Onward and Upward! Just Hotcakes here. This is is a short solo show shaping changes that are coming up for the Unitards. Call us in a voicemail @ (206)350-0720 or leave an email at theunitards@hotmail.com
Meat Thermometer! Hotcakes, John and Charlie start the show before Kevin has to leave. Later in the show Wisconsin Matt joins Charlie, and Kevin returns. Hot Problems. Pterodactyl porn returns? Amish beard fights. Hutterite sex. Best movies of 1979. Jukebox from hell. Porn Star is Mary [...]
Jungle Hillbillies! Everyone is here.. even Charlie. John does not get his new car. Charlie is tired and sick of working nights. Kevin is so burnt out he does not know if he is coming or going. Joel is having trouble getting into school. Topless Octomom. Was the [...]
Charlie’s Swan Song! Goof is back and looks like he is a new permanent co-host as Charlie announces he is leaving the show. John now has Tuesday’s off. Kevin gets a gift from the Listener. Twins 2. Creative ways to remove ear hair. We name Charlie’s testicles. Abe [...]
Tiny Hamburgers! Kevin, John, Joel and Listener Goof are all here. Joel is trying to go back to school. John can’t cook and does not get The Hunger Games. Kevin breaks into his house. Urine Soaked Eggs in China. Living Barbie Dolls. January Jones is a cunt. [...]
Rapiest Vodka! Just Kevin, Charlie, and John for a short time. Joel is with his family. John wants a $26 hotdog. Charlie rages on Applebees. Kevin starts his new show “The Local Guys Show”. Courtney Stodden’s arm band. Shit Bricks. Visine Roophies. Belvedere Vodka. Finality on [...]
Shit Miner! John comes back and wants to wear skinny jeans. Charlie wants everyone to send him pics of Pugs on Twitter. Kevin gets raged on by Nen. Joel is still having trouble getting his benefits. Adult Juggalo friend finder. Energy drinks. The Storage Wars video game. [...]
Hawk-Eee! John is no longer with us.. he is in bed. Kevin rages on Hipsters, then can’t say Hockey. Joel’s TV is dying. Don’t talk ill of Kip Winger! MMA Douchebags. MC Hammer. Dane Cook is not funny. Our favorite comedians. House of Cosby’s. Once [...]
MOAP? Charlie makes his return to the show. John eats raw meat and Sheena visits. Joel get’s his tattoo finally done. Kevin can’t come up with a name for his new show. Charlie spends 5 grand. This week in things John Does Not Understand. Pancake on a stick. [...]
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