UNICEF Podcast: Episodes

UNICEF Radio correspondent Blue Chevigny presents the viewpoints of five young participants in the UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children.
Cora Buala, 19, used recording equipment to create a Voices of Youth Digital Diary documenting her daily life and concerns about violence against children in the Philippines.
UNICEF Correspondent Daniel Dickinson talks to the people of Grand Comore about the effects of recent volcanic eruptions and what UNICEF is doing to help.
UNICEF New York correspondent Kun Li talks with some of the children who once worked as camel jockeys in the United Arab Emirates.
UNICEF correspondent Thierry Delvigne-Jean reports on the HIV/AIDS peer education project in Cameroon.
UNICEF Head of Office in Jaffna, Judith Bruno, tells UNICEF Radio about concerns over children in the conflict-ravaged district.
Omer and Joy share their reactions to the war and hopes for a more peaceful future.
For UNICEF Radio, two girls â€" Omer in Israel and Joy in Lebanon, both 15 â€" talk over life during the war and find similarities in their experiences.
UNICEF correspondent Blue Chevigny talks to students and teachers in the occupied Palestinian territory about the effects of the teachers’ strike.
UNICEF Communication Officer Simon Ingram reports on projects under way in southern Lebanon to help returning children readjust to life in their home communities.
UNICEF Ecuador’s Cecilia Davila gives a full account of the evacuation of villagers near the Tungurahua volcano and how this has affected children.
UNICEF Representative in Sri Lanka JoAnna Van Gerpen describes the bombing incident in which dozens of schoolgirls were killed.
UNICEF State Representative in Gujarat Yogendra Mathur describes flood damage in the city of Surat and efforts to help affected children and families.
UNICEF's Children and AIDS Advisor in Eastern and Southern Africa, Douglas Webb, provides an overview of orphans and vulnerable children in the region.
UNICEF’s Simon Ingram on the latest from southern Lebanon.
UNICEF Radio correspondent Blue Chevigny reports on the perspectives of young people affected by conflict in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon.
Digital Diary Youth Reporter Kerrel McKay reports from the Oasis Bar in Kingston, Jamaica where she is engaged as an outreach worker trying to educate the public about HIV and AIDS.
Professor Steve Reid of the Centre for Rural Health at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal discusses why AIDS programmes in South Africa must give priority to the nation's most vulnerable children.
UNICEF Communication Officer Simon Ingram describes the challenges facing UNICEF’s relief efforts in Lebanon.
UNICEF Representative in Sri Lanka Joanna Van Gerpen comments on the killing of 17 aid workers there.
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