Episode: TWO BEER QUEERS [FLASHBACK] - Maui Brewfest 2009 
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Episode Flashback . As we get closer to the end of the two beer queers beer review video podcast, we want to look back and the good times we had. This week, we take a look back to 2009 to the Maui Brewers Festival. This was our first time out in the wild and we had a really great time. We wouldn&apos;t have got there if it wasn&apos;t for our friend Billy Ben and Bruce from Hawaii-Aloha.com for all your hawaii vacation needs. We had some fun, talked to some people, and ate some great food. If you havent watched this before, take a look and let us know what you think. If you have watched it before, watch it again damn it! :) one love.<div class="feedflare">
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