Twenty One Podcast: Episodes

Chad, David and Russell review the Oscars. Then they discuss the popular Power Rangers Fan Film that was recently released.
Chad, David and Russell talk about the new comedy show, 'Fresh Off The Boat' and then discuss what old video games would make excellent movies.
Chad, David and Russell discuss the announcement of the new lineup of Ghostbusters.
David, Russell and Chad look back on 2014 and then reveal their most anticipated movies of 2015.
David, Russell and Chad introduce a new podcast on the Twenty One Network. Next, they discuss the trailers from 'Jurassic World' and 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. Then, they talk about the epic DC crossover event with 'The Flash' and 'Arrow'.
David and Chad discuss the revealed title of Star Wars: Episode VII. Then they talk about whether Marvel is truely out performing DC in the theatres.
David, Russell and Chad discuss the DC and Marvel cinematic release schedule. They also talk about the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer.
David, Russell, Chad and guest Charles are on the road! They get you caught up with the network and discuss several topics in the news.
David chats with guest Mat Raney about his upcoming third novel of the 'Jim Morgan' series. Then they discuss Star Wars, the DC Cinematic Unvierse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and much more.
David and Chad talk about some new things coming from the Twenty One Network. Then, they discuss DC's announcement to leave jokes out of the DC Cinematic Universe.
David, Russell and Chad review 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.
David and Chad discuss the latest breaking news from DC Comics and review 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.
David, Russell and Chad discuss the first bit of news from Day 1 of Comic Con 2014.
David and Chad sit down with Michele Breeze and talk about her role in our 'Star Wars: May The 4th' Fan Films. Then, they offer up some advice on auditioning.
David and Chad sit down with Cory Cooley to discuss his role in our 'Star Wars: May The 4th' Fan Films. Then they review 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'.
David, Chad and Russell discuss our new 'Star Wars: May The 4th' Fan Films.
David and Chad invite guest Katie Pastor on the show to discuss a very important 'Star Wars' topic, which order you should watch the films.
David and Chad blast through several of the biggest news topics.
David and Chad talk about the latest news and review 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'.
David and Chad discuss Lexington Comic Con 2014 and the overall benefits of cons.
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