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Episode: The Return of the Prophet - Hajjar Gibran - Oct 07,2008 
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Kahlil Gibran released his universally acclaimed masterpiece, The Prophet, in 1923. Since then this incredible book has been renowned for its profound answers to life’s deepest questions. Yet Kahlil Gibran’s beloved tale left readers yearning for more after an unfulfilled promise of the Prophet’s return when he wrote; “Should my voice fade your ears, and my love vanish in your memory, then I will come again.”

Now, several generations later, Kahlil’s great-cousin Hajjar Gibran has written the long-awaited answer to this promise. The Return of the Prophet, based on Hajjar’s real-life experiences, is a moving collection of inspiring words spoken to Hajjar by Kahlil in a series of visions.

After the death of his brother, Hajjar’s life was a downward spiral of unfulfilling lawless activity. It was not until his mystical visions filled with the inspirational words of his dead cousin Kahlil that Hajjar’s life began to turn around. Hajjar’s life experiences and Kahlil’s wise advice and prophetic statements that are applicable to everyone are woven masterfully and told beautifully.

The Return of the Prophet is written in the same style as The Prophet, yet contains a modern understanding of spirituality and faith that can be applied to all religions. Like The Prophet with its universal themes and timeless advice, The Return of the Prophet is another true insight into life’s deepest meanings.


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