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<p>It's the First of May! &nbsp;It's like Earl's version of Groundhog Day. &nbsp;If he sees his shadow, it's 12 more months of procrastination and no TOV editing, even though he's done&nbsp;plenty of recording... Hopefully it'll be overcast for multiple reasons, most importantly to lessen sunburn during ...
<p>It's the First of May, First of May, Outdoor podcasting starts today! &nbsp;Bring your favorite headphones, or at least your favorite play(er)!</p>
<p>It's time for the quarterly episode of Trapped on Vacation!!!!!</p>
<p>This quarter we have big news, get patriotic at the Magic Kingdom, Head to a Galaxy not nearby, have a downhome good time, and meet up with an old friend or two!</p>
<p>I could say more, but then you wouldn't listen!&nbsp;</p>
<p>As ...
<p>It's a Christmas Miracle!!!&nbsp;</p>
<p>Bringing you the first in at least two, possibly three very special Holiday episodes, we're back baby!</p>
<p>Join us this week as we head to Sea World Orlando to Celebrate Shamu's Christmas Miracle!</p>
<p>Lots of fun with myself, @Bleepin_wife, @littlesouvenir ...
<p>Hi everyone!</p>
<p>Last month I went to Pixar Weekends at Epcot where Jay Ward gave a talk about the Character Design of the cars in Cars 2.</p>
<p>Since Cars 2 is opening tonight, what better time to share it with you! &nbsp;Sure it probably would've been better to have posted last month, ...
<p><span>TOV Mediocre Media is back with breaking news from the sports world! @littlesouvenir is taking the running world by storm in her first race, the Disney Royal Family 100m dash!</span></p>
<p>This episode marks the 5th Anniversary (more or less) of Trapped on Vacation, we're still the Longest Running Non-Commercial Disney Podcast on the Internet, and we'd like to thank you for listening and sticking with us for all of these years! &nbsp;Without our listeners like you, I'd just ...
<p>We're back with another adventure!</p>
<p>This week we visit Figment in Imagination for the first time with Little Souvenir, and then we head on down, grab a beer and see Davy Jones in concert at Epcot for the International Flower &amp; Garden Festival!</p>
<p>Good times, good friends, enjoy!</p>
<p>Good morning! &nbsp;</p>
<p>Yes, morning... &nbsp;I just edited a podcast in the morning drinking coffee instead of beer... &nbsp;Weird!</p>
<p>Since it's the First of May, and I'm not at Disneyland for DPN Westfest '10 I just had to upload something!</p>
<p>This week we head back into the archives ...
<p>Hi everyone!</p>
<p>Video show for you this time... join the Bleepin' Wife and I on an adventure in snowy Colorado with some of our favorite DPN friends!</p>
<p>After that we head on over for a short ride at Disneyland to get you ready for DPN WestFest 2010 from April 29-May 2. &nbsp;Be sure to download ...
With a little patience, I'm back!<br />The typical mediocre shenanigans are back in this episode!<br />Join us as we ring in the New Year once again in the same way we've been doing it since 2005!&nbsp; After that we head to Epcot with the gang at the DPN World Holiday and escape the heat in the American ...
TOV is back and with a new edition to the family (who is sleeping and letting me record the episode...)<br /><br />Come along with us as we join the Mouse Guest Weekly gang during the Mouse Guest Experience on one of our favorite attractions, and then hit Mickey's Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom!<br ...
With less than a week before the baby is born, it's either now or never for Episode 124!!<br /><br />It's another new year for Trapped on Vacation!&nbsp; Whoda thunk I'd still be at this in 2009???&nbsp; Not me, that's for sure!&nbsp; Trapped on Vacation is the longest running completely non-commercial ...
<span class="description">At the DPN's WestFest 2009, everyone seemed
to exit Splash Mountain fairly dry. However one man was not so lucky.
This is his story... </span>
Hi everyone!<br />
This week I take in two of the oldest attractions at any Disney Theme
Park, sort of...&nbsp; They've both been updated over the years, one every 4
to 8 years, and one stopped being updated around 1994, but seemed to be
updated semi-regularly before that.<br />
<br />
Ten bucks says ...
I'm back!<br />This week we head to WestFest 2009 in Disneyland as we get stuck on Pirates, and then I take you to my favorite parade of the year at WDW...<br />
<span class="description">Here is the 2nd ToV Mediocre Media Video Supplemental.<br /><br />Check out our friends the smiling goat and
Pipa the Recycling Can from Conservation Station, and the oddest
looking anteaters ever!!! </span>
Hey everyone!<br />We're back with a quick episode before WestFest! (Visit <a href="http://">http://www.dpnwestfest.com</a> for the schedule of events!)<br />This week was Earth Day, and Bleepin' and I visited Conservation Station and took in all of the festivities...&nbsp; Of course environmental information ...
Hi everyone!<br />This week Bleepin and I take in 3 different shark related attractions at 3 totally unrelated Theme Parks!&nbsp; Come along and enjoy as we take you to Epcot, Universal Studios, and Sea World!<br /><br />Have fun!<br />
This has to be the coolest audio I've ever recorded!<br />
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