Trans-Ponder : Transgender Life in the Trenches

Transponder is an internet radio show for those considering, seeking to begin, or in the process of gender transition, and for those allies who wish to learn more about us, or lend support to the transgender community. Our podcast shares our experiences and insights as well as those of others we meet. We hope to put a positive face upon our community as we connect with, and entertain our audience. This is a show "For Who We Are" Stay tuned for information about transition, transsexual experience, gender-queer in the public, hormones effects, surgery and surgical options, LGBT news, sex changes, intersex conditions and more!

Categories: Health  |  Personal Journals  |  Society & Culture
Inactive  |  50 min. |   Jul 26, 2014 at 01:18 AM206 Episode(s)
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