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Humor that is faster than your ISP ans cuts deeper than your Blue-Ray copy of Blade Runner…These guys spin tales of Nightmarish woe from the front lines of your tech support department and geekdom. If you have ever wondered why the code monkeys and phone jockeys of your ISP are surly take a peek behind the firewall and listen to the water cooler talk of love, life, tech, and horror stories too frightening to tell around the camp fire. The host is me, Holytotemic. I’m a geek and tech support agent from Buffalo, NY and also a tech enthusiast. I interview a motley crew of other gamers and geeks weekly in a “sort of” group therapy that usually turns into a monkey Shit Fight. Enjoy!

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Inactive  |  0 - 69 min. |   Jul 20, 2012 at 12:23 PM126 Episode(s)
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