Tim and Simon's Podathon: Episodes

<p>A compilation of the best bits from Tim and Simon&rsquo;s Podathon. Recording and releasing a new podcast every hour, the two men of Shropshire denied themselves sanity and sleep, all in a bid to raise money for The Alzheimer&rsquo;s Society. They recorded, they released, and now they&rsquo;ve edited ...
<p>Tim and Simon bring their audio event of epic proportions to a close, dont forget to donate by visiting www.justgiving.com/podathon. Despite being sleep deprived, they still manage to talk about Dirty Dave.</p>
<p>The penultimate episode of the long running series that is Tim and Simon&rsquo;s Podathon, easing you in to the final emotional episode with grace and dignity; they talk about drugs, nipples and panthers.</p>
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<p>Is there anything that Simon won&rsquo;t eat? Probably not, but you&rsquo;ll be the first to know. Tim discusses whether it&rsquo;s beneficial to shampoo bushy eyebrows and the country&rsquo;s finest men deliver some home truths to a man about the future of his beard.</p>
<p>The sleep deprived youths begin conversations that even the bravest man would fear, such as, who is the hardest Disney character? And just how much sweat can a human foot sweat? On top of this, Tim and Simon raise awareness for the plight of the budgie, whose numbers are dwindling after being smuggled ...
<p>Your breath is funky and there are no mints available, what do you do to freshen up? Don&rsquo;t worry, Tim and Simon are here to help! In addition to this, they will let you know how they like their cheese, and why Simon eats paper.</p>
<p>Tim and Simon talk taking over people&rsquo;s minds, decide who they would most like to tickle and also reveal what it truly means to be an aging British rocker. Get your Shepherd&rsquo;s pies out and enjoy the Podathon.</p>
<p>Simon tells a tall tale of shared cake filled with spit and crack, Tim proves that you can accidently declare your undying love to a deaf person and they answer that age old question of when the DFS sales will actually end.</p>
<p>Long forgotten dreams and aspirations are brought to a close, the potential of a double-membered man is discussed and there just may be a new way to gain a facelift the natural way; with penis hair. How do Tim and Simon feel? They don&rsquo;t - the tiredness has made them numb.</p>
<p>Tim and Simon reveal 101 things to do with a banana. Not like that though. They discuss women&rsquo;s magazines and Tim tells the legend of the most shiny pelican the world has ever seen. This doesn&rsquo;t get easier, does it?</p>
<p>The boys make Face Off a reality and decide who they would most like to swap faces with. They also discuss what a wang maker could possibly be and accidental euphemisms make an appearance in the Listener Correspondence Section of the Podcast.</p>
<p>Simon explains how to truly defend yourself against an attacker with inspiration from the sea cucumber. Tim meanwhile is attempting to stave off hallucinations and together they discuss the morale issues behind water boarding the apprentice.</p>
<p>Tim wears a bonnet and shoots a couple of pigeons, Simon shares his ambition when he was at school as they discuss their favourite lessons, and they say something about eggs. Still the podcasts keep rolling on!</p>
<p>A frisky sand castle constructor, the memory of a fish versus the memory of a Tim and we take some advice from two people who think they have the perfect word to perk you up: &lsquo;hingya&rsquo;. Will it work? You&rsquo;d best have a listen.</p>
<p>The two men do more chitty chat, discussing the worth of a head, talking birthdays, and then we get confused about whether we are typing in the first or third person. Tim and Simon are still awake.</p>
<p>The Shropshire two talk of scaring the bejeebers out of people smaller and weaker than themselves, they have a conversation about fishy farts and Tim decides to do the cinnamon challenge - but on one condition.</p>
<p>Tim teaches the world to play Battle itch, Simon freezes the testicles off of a brass monkey to pocket the profit, and they write a children&rsquo;s book. Good morning!</p>
<p>Discover Tim and Simon&rsquo;s truly horrific caffeine intake, find out how Willy Wonka obtained his Oompa-Loompas and they offer recommendations for insect eating. Keep donating to the Alzheimer&rsquo;s Society. Do it!</p>
<p>Tim and Simon release their own brand of energy drink involving a huge mammal and a soda stream. They fall out over differing opinions on the Muppets, and they talk ninja! They&rsquo;re still going though!</p>
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