The Vision: Episodes

As preperations are made in Oslo for President Obama to receive his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, many reflect on today, December 8th, when a mere 45 years ago Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest person to win the Nobel Prize. Today's episode features Civil Rights Activist Wyatt Walker reflecting on that time.
December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day and The Vision brings you this clip of the late Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., the first African American to rise to the rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy, speaking about how the Pearl Harbor attacks changed the path of his life. Interview by Renee Poussaint.
December is AIDS Awareness Month and this episode of The Vision features clips from NVLP Visionary's M. Joycelyn Elder's discussing AIDS prevention, condoms, masterbation and the controversies surrounding her time as Surgeon General.
December 1st is the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and The Vision celebrates this moment in history with recollections by the activist and wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King.
The first Tuesday of November is always Election Day and a year has passed since President Barack Obama's historic victory. But did you know that this week also marks the 20th anniversary of two other momentous elections that helped set the stage for Obama's win?
In anticipation of the upcoming 2009 World Series, NVLP offers this installment of The Vision, which features the recolections of Jackie Robinson by Buck O'Neil, Mamie Peanut Johnson, Earl Caldwell and Mrs. Rachel Robinson.
Coretta Scott King discusses the Nobel Peace Prize
This episode of The Vision observes the anniversary of the formation of the Black Panthers by spotlighting the story of Earl Caldwell, a New York Times journalist who followed the Panthers from the "inside."
On April 28, 2009 the long fought efforts of the late NVLP Visionary Dr. C. Delores Tucker were realized when a national monument to Sojourner Truth, the first African American woman to have a memorial bust in the U.S. Capitol building was unveiled by First Lady Michelle Obama.
The premiere episode of The Vision begins with an introduction to the National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP) and then provides a brief "tour" of the NVLP Oral History Archive. This "tour" features audio clips from Maya Angelou on laughter, Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson and Gordon Parks on being ...
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