The Village Chapel's Podcast: Episodes

<p>God has this incredible fruit that he wants to grow in our lives through the Holy Spirit.</p>
<p>Jamie Aldridge. wife of Youth Pastor Mike Aldridge, gies her testimony.</p>
<p>Paul gives us very clear steps to follow on how to live in the freedom Christ has set us free for.</p>
<p>Why would we choose to be a slave when we are already free.</p>
<p>Jesus takes us from a life of slavery to sin and a life as an adopted son.</p>
<p>To "Live by" something is to derive happiness and fulfilment from it. We, as Christians, are to Live by Faith.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Paul chides the Galtians for turning away from what was working. He implores them to return to the Holy Spirit that was responsible for such a great work in them.</p>
<p>Paul shows us what it means to lay down our life and live for Christ.</p>
<p>Youth Pastor Mike Aldridge shares from Genesis 6 on living with an eternal perspective.</p>
<p>Paul confronts Peter on his hypocrisy and explains the one way to be right with God</p>
<p>Paul shows us that real health is based on outward appearances but what Jesus is doing in our heart.</p>
<p>Paul was transformed by the Gospel and that is what he wants the Galatians to stand firm in also.</p>
<p>The church is a group of people that have been rescued by Christ and Him alone.</p>
<p>The coming world ruler will surpass all previous world leaders in arrogance, atrocities, and contempt for Israel but his days are numbered.</p>
<p>Daniel 11 has some of the most precise prophecy in the Bible. Most of it has been fulfilled. We look back at what God has done so we can look forward to what He has for us.</p>
<p>What would make three men travel over 900 miles by foot? Only the "Hope of the World."&nbsp;</p>
<p>Spiritual Warfare is real and Daniel shows us how to battle it.</p>
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