The Village Chapel's Podcast: Episodes

<p>Four Heart Issues that Women need to work on to Keep the Fire Burning.</p>
<p>Your marriage doesn't have to just survive it can thrive and grow.</p>
<p>There is a Godly way to resolve conflict and Song of Solomon shows it to us.</p>
<p>Final study in Hebrews.</p>
<p>It's when you obey the rules that you have the most fun</p>
<p>If Jesus isn't at the center of your life and marriage nothing else will satisfy you.</p>
<p>Commitment takes devotion and defense to make it last.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Faith is bigger than us. It takes more than we have. It is a risk where the reward is greater than we imagine.</p>
<p>Relationships are hard work. You can't cut corners. Song of Solomon shows us what it takes for true commitment.</p>
<p>Song of Solomon shows us how to properly behave when we are attracted to someone.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Jennifer Musselwhite teaches on making the right priorities in our lives. What is crowding out Christ in your life?</p>
<p>Song of Solomon shows us a beautiful love song between a man and a woman. It provides a beautiful example for us if we understand true Biblical love.</p>
<p>Jeff Jackson, from Shepherd's Staff, shares God's heart for missions.</p>
<p>Recorded from the weekly women's study on Friday mornings.</p>
<p>Paul lays it out in his final words to the Galatians; "What are you going to do with your life from this point forward?"&nbsp;</p>
<p>God has this incredible fruit that he wants to grow in our lives through the Holy Spirit.</p>
<p>Jamie Aldridge. wife of Youth Pastor Mike Aldridge, gies her testimony.</p>
<p>Paul gives us very clear steps to follow on how to live in the freedom Christ has set us free for.</p>
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