Many travelers are unaware an entire country is tucked into the mountains between France and Spain. FMI www.andorra.ad
It's not enough to be precipitous, heavily moguled or just plain terrifying. To attain legendary status, a ski run must also have some history behind it.
A decade, a remarkable right of way first opened for public use, the first designated U. S. footpath from sea to shining sea. FMI - www.discoverytrail.org
On time is no longer good enough. If you haven't checked in 15 minutes before departure, you might lose your seat on the plane.
How did Gulfport, Mississippi earn the distinction of being the world's root beer capital?
Few places evoke mystery and adventure like this 40-mile-long, tropical island off Africa's east coast. ] FMI - www.zanzibar.net
The odds of being caught up in any terrorist situation are statistically minute, but keep these basic security precautions in mind no matter where you go. FMI - USA www.travel.state.gov, Britain www.fco.gov.uk/travel, Australia www.smartraveller.gov.au/ Canada www.voyage.gc.ca/index-eng.asp
Twice each year, more than 26,000 gray whales migrate from Alaska to the Baja. Along California's coast, they celebrate the passing of whales. FMI - www.gocalif.ca.gov or www.newportwhales.com/
Traveling to view Aurora Borealis has become an increasingly popular pastime, especially for Japanese newlyweds, who consider witnessing them the greatest of good fortune. FMI รข?? www.explorefairbanks.com; www.chenahotsprings.com
This rain forest draped across an anvil-shaped mountain on Puerto Rico's eastern end is protected by the U.S. Forest Service. FMI www.fs.fed.us/r8/caribbean/about/index.shtml
The island now has more than two dozen moderately-priced, privately owned inns and guest houses situated in historic buildings. FMI www.seepuertorico.com/paradores
Named by Juan Ponce de Leon, the Caribbean's fourth largest island is a rich port indeed. FMI www.seepuertorico.com/
If you appreciate the joys of gliding across a spectacular, steaming, snow-deep valley, Yellowstone in winter is for you. FMI www.nps.gov/yell
The establishment of Yellowstone Park marked a milestone in mankind's relationship with nature. FMI www.nps.gov/yell
Despite years of creeping familiarity, metric measurements still mystify many Americans. Here are a few key formulas to simplify foreign conversions.
Lost in the Leeward Islands, there's one tiny Caribbean haven that hasn't been overrun by tourism. FMI www.statiatourism.com
Caribbean countries are setting aside great swaths of territory where adventurous tr
avelers can find unique treasures. FMI Cabritos Island www.lacotia.com,
National Park of Guadaloupe www.guadeloupe-parcnational.com/
Bonaire Marine Park www.bmp.org/
The line of sight sailing of the Windward Islands makes for some of the finest yachting in the world. FMI www.caribbeantravel.com
Old maps offer more than historical perspectives. For many collectors who love fine and rare things, they're an art form. Here's a place to pursue that art. FMI - www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/
As they approach the age of AARP, m,any savvy travelers use their vacations to preview retirement prospects.
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