The Sarcastic Voyage Podcast: Episodes

An introduction to AAl and Matt, and what you can expect from the forthcoming critically acclaimed, award-winning Sarcastic Voyage podcast.
A panel discussion with Dave Fields (the soothing voice of the SV podcast) involving a brilliant shark-related anecdote, shaking hands with danger and felt. Lots and lots of felt. (Note: we know the levels are a bit weird and apologize for that. The problem will be corrected in future installments.)
Mark “Bob” Boszko shows up for a second (first) time and discusses, among other things, Females for Hire, AAl’s grandma Jimmy Carter and, of course, gin. Lots and lots of gin.
Chris “Fourthman” Coleman is a standup comic and a guy who is way smarter than either Matt or AAl. He wanted to talk about “bad comedy,” so he came to the SV podcast. HIlarity ensues.
AAl and Matt’s scheduled guest runs into some technical difficulties, so they fill the time answering some listener mail.
Comic book artist Scott Ziolko stops by to demand something he was allegedly promised by AAl on Twitter.
Yet another one of AAl’s talented, exploitable friends from high school, Jason Ellis, stops by to discuss nerdcore music, the tail he isn’t growing and the supervillain that disrupted his wedding.
Show 1 of 3 recorded at the 2009 Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX). Legendary titmoe Mark Darin stops by to brag about writing Monkey Island™.
Show 2 of 3 recorded at the 2009 Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) features Ed Casey. Star Trek is discussed, and Ed attempts to get the guys into his shower. For... recording. Apparently.
This week's guest, Sabrina Rasmussen, has the distinction of not only being somebody Matt went to school with — instead of that show-off AAl for a change — but also being the first actual female to appear on the show. This is show 3 of 3 recorded at the 2009 Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX).
Adrian Bachnivsky stops in to discuss internet negativity, having a movie theater all to yourself and the underappreciated art of knocking guys into bottomless pits.
As promised, podcast 12 deals with AAl's hatred of Martin Short. Also, your mail is answered. Yes, YOURS.
Much-beloved comic writer/artist Pat Loika discusses the comics industry and reveals just how much he knows about Shake Hands with Danger (turns out it's quite a lot!)
Angel Robinson sums up the SVP in a word — in Japanese, no less — and discusses what it's like being the only woman in the comic shop.
José Baez stops by to discuss video games and mustache rides.
Kevin Lynch (aka Flonk) finally makes it on, after many attempts to compensate for the World's Worst Microphone™.
Two (TWO?!) guests this week, from the United Kingdom: the oft-mentioned English Gav and Irish Gav. Anglophilia is discussed, and alcohol is consumed. Lots of delicious alcohol.
Another all listener mail show!
Another girl! Annie Ladner discusses paper pants, terrible fonts and Halloween.
Webcomic artist extraordinaire Corwin discusses mustaches, Jack Kirby and Venture Bros.
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