The Reality Check: Episodes

<p>Pat Roach injects us with some facts about tattoos and tattoo removals, Adam Gardner gives us a snapshot of what eidetic memory is and Elan Dubrofsky fills us up with some strategies for eating at buffets.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Darren McKee discusses sexism in science, Elan Dubrofsky asks whether blowing into Nintendo cartridges was an effective way to get games to work and Adam Gardner ponders whether Canadians say "zed" or "zee."</p>
<p>This week's show is all about numbers.&nbsp;&nbsp; Pat Roach faces his fears regarding Avogadro's number, Elan Dubrofsky tells us about the Golden Ratio and Darren McKee explains the Astronomical Unit.</p>
<p>Darren McKee asks whether it is better to walk or run in the rain. Adam Gardner looks into the Global Consciousness Project and Elan Dubrofsky explains what winning a year or lifetime supply of something actually means.</p>
<p>Jon looks into the pairing of the Pink Floyd's <i>The Dark Side of the Moon</i> with <i>The Wizard of Oz</i>.&nbsp; Adam taken on reports of toxic school supplies and Darren discusses the Post Hoc Fallacy.</p>
<p>Jon rejoins the gang this week as the guest host.&nbsp;&nbsp; Elan discusses whether you can influence the gender of your baby while conceiving, Pat takes on whether instant noodles or noodle containers are coated in harmful wax and Adam looks at whether sniper rifles have laser sights.&nbsp;</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Chris Hassall joins the show one last time (before moving to England) to discuss reproductive pills and mate preference.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Adam connects the dots on whether or not we are all related and Darren asks whether you know how long ago dinosaurs went extinct.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp; ...
<p>Elan discusses health claims made by POM Wonderful. Pat joins the crew again this week to lead a music themed Science Fact or Science Fiction (TM) game.&nbsp; Finally, Adam explores whether or not birds die from eating gum.</p>
<p>In this week's episode Pat Roach joins in as a guest.&nbsp; Darren starts things off with a discussion on whether violence is declining; a review of Steven Pinker's <em>The Better Angels of Our Nature</em>.&nbsp;&nbsp; Adam passes judgment on courtroom television shows and Pat explores the myth that ...
<p>The gang was once again joined by Chris who led the show off with a segment about allergy tests. Adam then kept his promise from last week and looked into bottled water and how it compares to tap water. Darren then did a quick rant about the single cause fallacy, and Elan closed out the show exploring ...
<p>In this week's episode, Chris Hassall dropped by and joined the gang as a special guest. Chris started things off by presenting a completely uncontroversial segment about water fluoridation. Next, Elan led a Science Fact or Science Fiction (TM) game about Olympics and sport (during which Darren complained ...
<p>Adam arrived without a voice for this week's episode but we decided to record anyway. First, raspy voice Gardner talked about alkaline diets. Next, Darren gave a brief tutorial of GDP. To finish off the show, Elan discussed the myth of whether or not it is illegal to count cards in blackjack.</p>
<p>Darren explores the claims made by various popular energy drink manufacturers. Elan finds flaws in the logical assumptions that were made by the nerds who created the Tommy Westphall Universe. Adam discusses whether&nbsp;plants die when given microwaved water.</p>
<p>Special guest Dana Peters joins the show to discuss Fuel Savers.&nbsp; Adam buzzes about bug repellent and Darren offers up the chilling facts about losing weight by eating ice.&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p1">For a very special 200th episode the TRC crew discuss their personal favourite, and least liked, segments of the past 100 episodes. They then go over any mistakes that were uttered over the previous 100 episodes. Finally, they do a recap of all the myths debunked over the previous 100 episodes.</p>
<p class="p1">In the first post-Jon episode, Elan took a shot at hosting the show. First, Darren talked about sunscreen myths, then Adam discussed why prices often end in .99, and Elan closed out the show with the myth that when you get arrested you only get 1 phone call.</p>
<p class="p1">This is the final episode with Jon as a regular co-host. Adam looks into Tommy Chong's claims that marijuana cures cancer. Elan discovers the shocking truth behind Kobe beef. Jon answers a listeners email about how to start a skeptics organization.</p>
<p class="p1">Darren finds out whether he could potentially offer up life nourishing milk himself. Jon looks into a pet theory promoted by a legendary comic book artist. Adam rants against a common misconception about HD movies.</p>
<p class="p1">Adam examines some recent evidence claiming that Amelia Earhart survived a plane crash and lived the rest of her years on a deserted island. Elan figures out what causes athletes to perform poorly in the season after they agree to appear on the cover of video games. Darren learns that the ...
<p class="p1">Elan talks about the fascinating field of science called epigenetics, is there a force other than natural selection that can change your genes? Adam looks into whether people can actually claim sanctuary in a church. Darren examines the origins of the belief that "blue is for boys and pink ...
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